A question about the word 相場

I’m watching a movie and a person has said


… They are saying 相場 as あいば, instead of そうば. But I can’t seen to find anything about the あいば reading.

Has anyone come across it before?

Isn’t it a name?


It is the start of the movie, so it was the first time hearing it. (I’m no good with name in any language :stuck_out_tongue: )


Well, I’m not really sure :confounded:

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Well, I’ll keep it as an option for now :)!

I believe @ren_grantz is right. I couldn’t find any alternative readings for that kanji combination in japanese online dictionaries. Two different IME’s offer 相場 when you type あいば, so there was obviously a connection.

When I googled in Japanese with regards to 相場 and names, I got some hits for it being read as あいば on name-related sites.

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+1 for (family) name.

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