A New Starter

Hello everybody.
I’ve just started using WaniKani.
What about you?


I started last week, and just hit level three. It’s great, isn’t it?

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Around one month ago, just become lvl5. As a good reminder, I would recommend you to check the following post. It has good material for beginners on both this website and japanese.

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Started 5 year ago, made it to lvl 20, a lot of things happened… failed to continue, starting over since a couple weeks. Luckily not everything of that gained knowledge was lost :slight_smile: although lots has been forgotten, some things keep sticking around. Love this website (and textfugu)

This makes me so happy. I can’t access it because I’m no longer there. Carry on the tradition!

You made 先輩 happy!!


I’ve been using it for about a year and a half, with about 10 months of doing nothing and one month of catching up on reviews.

I bought my minna no nihongo about a month ago. Just started using Wanikani yesterday.

Hey there! Welcome to you. Been using WaniKani a little over a month. Speed of advancement definitely slows down at level 4 but I really think it’s helpful. I know I’m learning my kanji easier with this program.

Yesterday I started, but I found out about the WaniKani community today. :smile:

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your WankiKani experience here.
I’ve been using WaniKani for around three months and a half now. It’s been a nice ride, I’m totally addicted and excited to see the results haha

I’ve been… Almost 2 years on Wanikani… I’m getting old.
☆ ~('▽^人)

Welcome to @Andiuxy and @ThunderFlame2230!

I just started today; still getting my bearings regarding the site.

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