A little survey for book readers

It’s fine if you have headphones, though. Most modern ones have a button for that.

I often start thinking about other things when listening to an audiobook then find myself spamming the back button a bit to find my place again.


Headphones while driving is probably a worse idea. :wink:

I’m on Goodreads! I’m also Gerandpa over there if you (or anyone else) wants to be friends!

I absolutely love big fantasy books, but I just don’t have the attention span for them right now with school, work, and (sometimes) Japanese. I’m going to try and get through a lot of books once the semester ends in December since I really miss books. I’ve been reading over 100 books a year recently, but this year I’ll just barely hit that even with adding in my manga. Audiobooks are a huge help! I had to cancel my Audible account though because I haven’t been listening as much, AND I might have picked up too many books from sales over the years…

I don’t see how it’s any different from listening to the radio?


I read way too many fanfictions :sweat_smile:
Although I startet to listen to more Audiobooks and read some physical books


but also from the book club thread:

I’ve seen the book threads go by and once I up my japanese some more I will definitely join one or another or at least stalk the old ones. Thanks for inviting me anyway!

Same! Maybe that’s why I love audiobooks so much now, though I’ve totally forgotten about this until you mentioned it. When I was small my mom would play different tapes of children’s stories in the room until we fell asleep. I remember we wore out a particular cassette of Peter Pan because we listened to it so much lol.

Speaking of Audiobooks, anyone else listen to some stuff from Graphic Audio? I purchased the whole Stormlight Archive and Mistborn Series (to my wallets chagrin) but they are so good! They have a full cast of voice actors for each character, music, sound-effects etc. Going back to normal audiobooks after is hard :disappointed:


My main childhood memory of audiobooks is during long drives to france for summer vacation. Keeps the little boy in the back (me) from annoying the adults :smiley:

I’ve listened to parts of it in the version that comes on Audible, that one has a female reader for female viewpoints and a male reader for male viewpoints (the same two also read the wheel of time audiobooks), which is quite good. That might be a different version from what you’re referring to though.


Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are great!


Yes it’s completely different! Don’t get me wrong Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are great but I don’t mean simply 2 narrators, I mean every single character in the book has their own voice actor, the narrator being a different one. Also whenever the narrator would say stuff like, “she laughed” or “everyone gasped” in a normal audiobook, in the Graphic Audio version the actors would simply actually laugh or gasp, instead of the narrator saying they did. Same thing with sound effects, when it says “the wind howls” or something, you would actually hear wind or when people walked you heard their footsteps.

It’s basically a full production, a bit like radio-shows of old if you’ve ever heard one. Here’s a youtube link that gives you a bit of an idea.

I will go so far as to say that I prefer the Graphic Audio version to the original book! please don’t hurt me Sanderson Fans


I hate books like that. They’re not for me, I much prefer having just one or two narrators

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I know others that don’t like it either, it’s definitely a different experience. I guess it’s a hate it or love it type of deal.

I find it’s similar to making books into movies or shows. Sometimes it turns out great, other times not so much. A lot of people also don’t like the way a character might be portrayed or sound compared to what they have in their head.

Anyway, I’d still encourage anyone to give it a shot at least! I’ll definitely look for more content like it. I already have my eye on the BBC radio show version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


That’s what my Famous Five books were like when I was little! Perhaps that’s why I feel like I wouldn’t get on with normal audiobooks so much :thinking:

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Honestly lost count.

I just got this for my birthday!


I would denfinitly go take a look on audible then.

I had an idea. It’s hard to remember all the book you recommended(Never expected so many people to comments) so how about we just write it in the first post under the book genre? I don’t know how to do that but I think it would be great. Can someone teach me how to do this?

Like people have said you get a credit each month that you can spend when you are ready so if you are listening more slowly you just spend the credits when you are ready.

If you are building up too many credits it’s easy to cancel your membership for a few months while you catch up. Like many subscription services when you cancel you can get offered a good deal to stay a member (I got half price for three months last time) so it can be a good idea to cancel occasionally just to get the deals!

If you do cancel my understanding is you need
to spend your remaining credits before you cancel. And my understanding on the one credit a month membership is that you can only hold 6 credits total, after that the oldest credit expires each month.

Wow! No wonder you get through so many!

iPhone app is nice and you download it easily in the app. It also syncs your position with the cloud which makes it easy if you listen on multiple devices (like Amazon echo).

If you have a Bluetooth connection to the car audio system you can use the audio controls on the steering wheel to go back 30 seconds.


I would like to plug what is currently one of my favourite webnovels: Ascending, Do Not Disturb

It’s a xianxia that isn’t set in a might-makes-right cultivation world, and the main character is one of the purest of cinnamon rolls.

When you told yourself that you are gonna choose the audible original tomorow than tomorow is a new month do you just miss two free book😭

They were not that interesting anyway but you know… free book

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Oh, right, I forgot about that. The UK site doesn’t have the free originals. From what I have heard, though, they’re never any good

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Really? I mean the last month book didn’t interesting that’s true. This month I found two murder mystery so it should be at least decent.

Overlord novel series, the one the manga and anime were adapted from

(English translation, I’m a pleb)