A little survey for book readers

but also from the book club thread:

I’ve seen the book threads go by and once I up my japanese some more I will definitely join one or another or at least stalk the old ones. Thanks for inviting me anyway!

Same! Maybe that’s why I love audiobooks so much now, though I’ve totally forgotten about this until you mentioned it. When I was small my mom would play different tapes of children’s stories in the room until we fell asleep. I remember we wore out a particular cassette of Peter Pan because we listened to it so much lol.

Speaking of Audiobooks, anyone else listen to some stuff from Graphic Audio? I purchased the whole Stormlight Archive and Mistborn Series (to my wallets chagrin) but they are so good! They have a full cast of voice actors for each character, music, sound-effects etc. Going back to normal audiobooks after is hard :disappointed: