A few vocabulary words I've seen a lot

This is a quick list of a few vocabulary words that I’ve seen more than once and I think might be useful if added to WaniKani.

弊社(へいしゃ)- Our company (A useful word to use and understand in any business context)

当社(とうしゃ)- This company (ibid)

貴社(きしゃ)- Your company (ibid)

怪盗 (かいとう)- Phantom thief (A term you might come across in certain games/anime ;))

怪盗紳士 (かいとうしんし)- Gentleman thief (ibid)

切ない (せつない)- Heartrending (a useful term to describe something moving)

疑わしい (うたがわしい) - Dubious, suspicious, apocryphal (Another useful i-adjective)

気候変動 (きこうへんどう)- Climate change (The common term to describe the phenomenon)

選出 (せんしゅつ)- Election (One of the words often used for an election)

抜粋 (ばっすい)- Excerpt (For describing short bits of text)

列島 (れっとう)- Archipelago (A term used to describe any archipelago, including Japan!)

首相 (しゅしょう)- Prime minister, chancellor (A title similar to 宰相)

乙女 (おとめ) - maiden, young girl (The word “早乙女” is present in WaniKani, but not 乙女)

危うく (あやうく)- barely, almost, narrowly (Useful in many situations for a close call)

逆転 (ぎゃくてん)- turnabout, reversal of fortunes (Useful in the context of a court trial ;))

占拠 (せんきょ)- occupation, control (Standard term to describe a military occupation, etc.)

指南 (しなん)- training, instruction (Another word to describe training)

弁慶の泣き所 (べんけいのなきどころ)- Achilles’ heel, Benkei’s weak point (Self-explantory)

雌雄 (しゆう)- male and female, female and male, strengths and weaknesses, competition (ibid)

卑怯 (ひきょう)- cowardice, meanness (A relatively common phrase)

男尊女卑 (だんそんじょひ)- chauvinism, sexism (ibid)

卑しい (いやしい)- lowly, vile, mean (ibid)

暗号 (あんごう) - cipher, code (ibid)

暗示 (あんじ) - hint, suggestion (ibid)




早乙女 makes so much more sense when you know 乙女.


Shouldn’t this be せんきょ?


I recognize most of those items from various contexts. :eyes: I agree with @alo that 乙女 (おとめ)would make a lot of sense to learn.

@DefeatableWriter it’s best to email your list of suggestions to the team on hello@wanikani.com. Or at least, tag the mods if you want them to notice this thread. :slight_smile:

It’s quite obvious which Video games you like :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good catch! I’ve edited that accordingly.

I mean there are a ton of common words that could be added. I’d make the case that 列車 is vastly more common than any of those and that’s not even on WK.

I think there’s just an overall workload that’s envisioned by WK, and they have the selling point of being able to complete the curriculum in just over a year.

Ultimately with all of this I think the question that needs to be asked is, given that WK’s focus is teaching the kanji, would X, Y or Z additional vocabulary word fill a hole? Like with 選出 both of those kanji already appear in a variety of WK vocabulary, so it’d be hard to make the case that it’s adding much more value to the end goal of sufficient exposure.


That’s a fair enough assessment. This is just a list of suggestions based on what vocabulary terms I’ve found most frequently and had to look up and memorize on my own. I didn’t realize that 列車 (or 本日 for that matter) were not currently on WK. Obviously those ones should be prioritized. There are definitely a few words on the list (namely 弊社、貴社, 列島、and 乙女) that are more essential than the others.

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I definitely agree with this one.

Along with that, 当時 and possibly 当店/当駅 would be good. Heck, just teach 当~ as a polite prefix meaning “this/that”, it’s a pretty useful definition.

Edit: I look up from my desk at work and what do I see written on a board right in front of me, but 当日.

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