9-nine-ゆきいろゆきはなゆきのあと 9️⃣ Week 6 (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot)

This is being read as an offshoot continuing Episode 3. Episode 1 was originally read as part of the Visual Novel Book Club.

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Current week start date: August 25, 2023
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We’re aiming to read approximately 25k characters per week! A suitable enough end point will be selected each week and posted within the thread.

This week's endpoint: 28.4k

Scene transitions and character count (Steam version)
Location Character Count
Kakeru’s home (Beginning of 5/01) 0
Restaurant (Beginning of 5/20) 5 870
Station 7 505
Street 8 687
Shrine 9 622
Street 13 075
Station 14 996
Station (Mall) 19 273
Station (Endpoint) 28 390

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I enjoyed the restaurant scene when Kakeru said they probably don’t need to meet up as much and then Haruka & Takamine were devasted :joy:

As for the fight with Iris this week, I was pretty indifferent on it. It wasn’t bad but as usual, those scenes just don’t really do much for me. I was kind of disappointed they didn’t have a new song during the zombie thing or the showdown with Iris. I don’t think this was the climax (I’d be surprised if Iris was really gone after that if only because there’s a decent amount of text left?) but it would have been nice to get a new fight song after 4 games instead of hearing Scent of Danger and Unavoidable again. It kind of lessens the impact of the scene for me.

It was cool to see Kakeru use the illusionary body to create a “duplicate” of Miyako. I wasn’t really sure how they managed to trick Iris there though. I think she said something about making sure the insides match but I’m surprised an illusionary body could replicate that much.

Life has been chaotic and my arm hurts, so a few short points --
  • Sora finding Kakeru with Noa was pretty funny the way they played it

  • Definitely agree this isn’t the end, if for no reason other than the past Iris battle feeling far more dramatic and giving her cool CGs and not here. Also, we’re definitely gonna be bailed out by Yoichi in the real climax.

  • I agree that the fight stuff is kinda meh, but I do like giving Takamine more time to shine. I think the almost zombie apocalypse vibe worked too, it’s a good evolution from the individual disasters. Even if this VN still likes to just pop up wild new uses of powers and go “turns out this is possible, wow!” It was doing that for Iris haha.

This weeks spoilers

Loved that we got a lot more Sora than usual this episode :3

And that’s why she’s so fun!

loved how the VA pronounced that one.

Lel, Haruka having her moments too.

We readers don’t care about クソ兄貴, I’m not surprised his parents either :stuck_out_tongue:


The fight with Iris was mostly… boring? Iris is a very boring antagonist. Takamine having his cool moments for a change was pretty nice though.

Exactly, I was totally waiting for that to happen.