9-nine-ゆきいろゆきはなゆきのあと 9️⃣ Week 5 (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot)

This is being read as an offshoot continuing Episode 3. Episode 1 was originally read as part of the Visual Novel Book Club.

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Current week start date: August 18, 2023
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We’re aiming to read approximately 25k characters per week! A suitable enough end point will be selected each week and posted within the thread.

This week's endpoint: 24.9k

Omitting screenshots and text this week to avoid spoilers. The endpoint is the end of 4/30, it should be very evident looking at the scenes table below. If you see the 5/01 transition screen that’s it.

Scene transitions and character count (Steam version)
Location Character Count
Kakeru’s home 6
Musings (Beginning of 4/30) 9 660
Kakeru’s home 10 442
Kakeru’s home (Endpoint) 24 916

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Another week with very long scenes, even longer than the last. There might be some fitting stopping points in between, I honestly can’t remember precisely, but after the 9 660 characters mark it’s all one long segment so I recommend that as a rest point. No other good options this time, unfortunately.


Well, hmm. Can’t say I entirely loved how the section went down, it’s all Kakeru being horny in ways that cross over into being kinda weird. And I imagine the thing about Noa liking him instantly but hiding it won’t go over well with people who specifically liked that she wasn’t into him immediately, heh. I kinda get the point that as the mysterious dimension crossing man he’s irresistible to a character like her; I think at the least it makes more sense than someone like Haruka throwing herself at him right away. But still. Not completely into some of the ways she acts here either, though the overall concept they’re going for of both of these two being too awkward to properly communicate about having a relationship was kinda cute.

Kakeru getting with the heroines is kind of a necessary thing to go through each episode and I don’t think it’s ever happened without me having reservations, but could be worse? On the whole, Noa is still very likeable and we’re in the character moments realm still so it still compelled me a lot more than the fights.


Some of the scenes during this week were still nice but I agree that they went too heavy with Kakeru being horny in weird ways (all of his thoughts during the bath scene were odd :grimacing:). I wish Kakeru would stop being so oblivious to Noa’s advances. I guess now he won’t be but it felt like he was being extra dumb not knowing what she was hinting at when she asked to stay over and whatnot.

Not a terrible week though, just awkward in some spots. I’m still liking these moments with Noa, she is cute. Feels like we’ve been on a long stretch of character development which is nice since those are the moments I like the best. We’re in the latter half of the VN now I think so I wonder if its going to switch gears to heavy action soon


I agree, I also had similar impressions as I was reading it. On the one hand I was enjoying it because I always enjoy reading this VN a lot ever since I mentioned turning off the critical brain. It’s goofy and cute, there’s always something that makes me laugh and this week was great in that regard too (and had a tiny dose of cringe too). But on the other hand I was a bit disappointed with how sudden they developed both Noa and her relationship with Kakeru. Like, I still like her a lot as a character, but going from how she used to be just last week, to confessing her feelings and straight-out asking for (implied) sex just a couple scenes later, hmm… yeah I don’t know, I’m not sure I liked that too much. Haruka was very forward as well but at least it made sense as part of her playful alter ego, the actual romance felt better developed with her. I can’t say I’m not a bit disappointed, but I’m holding off in case we’re missing coming context or future events that would put this into a better frame. It doesn’t make sense for her to be losing control of her artifact as she hasn’t been using it, I don’t think things are going that way, but who knows. We’ll see when the time comes, though this has the potential to be one of my complaints of the episode so far. Nothing major, just hope it was different. Though, to be fair, I’ll give her what she says about Kakeru being able to use オーバーロード but her not being able to turn back time, it kinda makes sense that she’s afraid she might not be able to experience that love if anything happens to them, what with all the impending doom and whatnot, because it’s May 1st already and there’s potentially only a couple days left.

With that said, language wise and in terms of enjoyment out of reading this I’m pretty satisfied. They have to do something pretty bad for me to lose interest in reading this at this point. It sucks that with language you never really know 100% if you’re actually learning most of the time but I can honestly say that my skill has definitely improved from episode 1 to episode 4, but that’s a thought for once the series is done :slight_smile: . I’ve also been reading other stuff so I can’t really put all the merit on 9-Nine-.

Also sorry for being a complete mess again with commenting lately, I tend to delay it a lot and whenever I have free time I end up being absorbed or busy with something and then I just update the read every day thread and go to sleep, then repeat :joy: . I still haven’t even posted my thoughts on Zero Escape, sigh. I know it’s not a requirement, but it’s always more fun when more people interact so I kinda feel a tiiiiny bit guilty about it haha.

This week's spoilers

Welp, kinda disappointed with how things went this week, but I guess it’s not terrible. I mean, the other day an acquaintance met a complete stranger that asked him for his phone number and told him she had seen him in a dream before and that she liked his smile… I am just a cat and I don’t get how romance works in the real world, but can’t say the developments with Noa are unrealistic, I guess?

I feel the pacing goes from they slowly getting closer to suddenly things progressing at light speed. As someone already mentioned, I guess it’s not that unjustified, considering the mortal danger they are in. I just feel クソ兄貴 having all the girls just fall for him with little to no effort doesn’t feel very entertaining.

Still I enjoy both of Noa’s sides, and it was also a nice touch how her lines changes in the save / quit screen after the events of this week. I am guessing we’ll now go towards the final battle, though I am not getting my hopes up that the battle will be particularly interesting…