9-nine-はるいろはるこいはるのかぜ 9️⃣ Week 7 (Visual Novel Book Club, offshoot)

This is being read as an offshoot continuing Episode 2. Episode 1 was originally read as part of the Visual Novel Book Club.

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9-nine- episode 3

Current week start date: July 7, 2023
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We’re aiming to read approximately 25k characters per week! A suitable enough end point will be selected each week and posted within the thread.

This week's endpoint: 25.3k

Mid 5/07.

Scene transitions and character count (Steam version)
Location Character Count
Station (Beginning of 5/05) 4
Park 309
Kakeru’s home 4 076
Street (Beginning of 5/06) 6 583
School 7 491
Street 9 296
Round 2 9 680
Park 13 788
Kakeru’s home 17 485
Kakeru’s home (Beginning of 5/07) 19 360
Station 20 822
Kakeru’s home 21 401
Kakeru’s home (Endpoint) 25 344

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Whole section spoilers

Well, we certainly see where a lot of the R18 content was. Parts of this make me feel the more leery otaku side of the medium more than I’d like, little heavy on the wish fulfillment feelings. Still, since the character moments in this VN tend to be good… I wouldn’t say I really disliked this week. Love to see Sora more even if it was a lot of 胸 stuff. And Haruka’s little let’s play was pretty amusing, love that she was doing some sort of survival horror game. And their awkward photo date was cute.

Something about the writing around the bully feels forced and doesn’t land very well for me, but it’s still nice to see Haruka’s character progression continue.

Once she started bringing up the 赤ちゃん stuff though… all I can think of is that Yakuza sidequest. I present to you all, 翔, the dazzling 白馬のナイト:


I think my version of the game might not have the line in the end week screenshot. I’m playing the deluxe version which has a few changes but I’m like 28k characters in and still haven’t seen that line so I’m guessing something was changed? :sweat_smile: Is that line supposed to be after the horror game they were playing? I was trying to go off of the location points too but after the last one Kakeru’s home it went to the station so I saved there and thought I’d ask so I don’t accidentally read ahead


Odd. Yeah the line comes at the end of the horror game, then there’s a transition to black and it moves outside.

My texthooker's last few recorded lines





Thank you! I guess they did change that line slightly and the scene continues on for a while longer in my version.

My texthook lines

Mine has the first part but changes slightly and continues for a while longer (not gonna post the entire scene but just for reference the part that changes right there):

 キャアッ! って悲鳴をあげて、俺にしがみついたりして欲しかったわけなんですよ
Spoilers for this weeks reading

I’m not sure what else changed in my version for this week since mine was about 3k characters longer but I did enjoy most of this week. The Sora and Haruka moments at the beginning were really nice. I thought it was kind of funny Haruka had that type of talk with Sora given that she’s Kakeru’s sister. All of the scenes with Sora are always the best, should have made her the MC :joy:

The プリクラ scene was cute too. In a lot of early 2000s manga that stuff was portrayed as being super popular with girls but didn’t know it was around still. The faces they made make them look like they’re mad but it was cute

I thought that part was kind of silly too. It felt like they needed some type of excuse for Haruka’s character development so they threw that in there. I know they saw the bully earlier in the VN but the way they went about it just felt meh to me.

During the bathtub scene when Haruka asked Kakeru which version of her he liked, I’m surprised he said both. I guess the わたくし version is still “Haruka” so I can see why he wouldn’t want to offend her or something but seemed like a good opportunity to tell her that she doesn’t need to use her powers anymore :thinking:

The horror game section was fun too. I didn’t expect Haruka to be so bloodthirsty though :sweat_smile:


Well, I think I found something that was changed. They talked about how they were going to do that, but in my (Steam) version, it cut from preparing that to the aftermath and I guess that conversation never happened.


Ah, that kind of sucks. I guess since the CG is slightly ecchi they wanted to be on the safe side and cut it out in the steam version? That’s the only thing I can think of. During that scene they also talk about calling each other by their first name. Not sure if they adjusted the dialogue in the steam version to account for that or if people are supposed to just go with the flow that Kakeru stopped calling her Senpai after that


Ahh unfortunate for the version differences but I’m glad it was not too far off from the character count.


I thought the decision not to show the bath scene was so stupid, I thought it was because it would be full R18 but now that you mention there being a conversation I’m kinda disappointed. They could’ve just shown a white screen, I might be misremembering but didn’t they do that before with Sora?

Anwyays I actually did enjoy this week quite a bit. I think from a while ago my brain has turned off all attempts to judge or make sense of everything that’s going on and is just enjoying it for what it is with no value judgements whatsoever :joy: . It feels so free honestly. Like, I’m not trying to make sense of the whole story or new developments or whatever anymore, I’m satisfied enough with the character interactions that I don’t really mind the rest, it’s always fun to read and the cast grew on me at this point, it always makes me laugh one way or another. So with that said, even if the bully bits were convenient, I still enjoyed them. I suppose they wanted to illustrate that she changed after that encounter against Iris and chose the most obvious way. This new Ghost is much more enjoyable, I liked her before but she’s more fun now that she’s a bit more chill.

Honestly I like Haruka a lot, she’s pretty relatable in some ways and very attentive. In the other episodes she was kind of meh but from the end of episode 2 and in this episode she’s gained a lot of appeal in comparison to what she used to be shown as. I expect the same for Yuuki next episode, supposedly the best one by a significant margin, and I can’t help but agree that Miyako was done so dirty :sob: . Everyone else has had way much more development than what is in theory supposed to be the “main heroine”, if that makes sense? Not sure if she’s the main heroine but if we go by timeline, she’s the one that is always associated as Kakeru’s love interest right? As with every episode jump every love interest is (so far) “erased”. Not that the love interest has to be a more important character, but I guess if you develop everyone else and forget to develop her as well, well that does make her a less interesting character, doesn’t make much sense.

The more I play this the less it makes sense that they advertise this as separate episodes :joy: . I’d bet the experience gets massively diminished for someone that hasn’t played the previous ones, would people even make sense of most stuff?

Also that kiss scene was cute :3 . I like these two, I feel like I prefer Haruka & Kakeru better than Miyako, but that’s probably because Episode 1 was so short in comparison. Miyako and him were cute in Episode 1 too though. We still have to see Yuuki, that sure will be something.


Welp, that explains why 5/07 ended and I never ran into that line =._.= I think I read quite a bit ahead by accident #oops. My textractor is not tuned very well, so my counts are usually higher than the ones posted, so I didn’t realize until the day ended… >.<

This week's spoilers

YES! More Sora scenes FTW.

Sora’s Cute Moment #475674645353

The usual black ribbon on the photograph of a deceased Curry is a hilarious detail.

I swear even the neighbors heard me laugh out loud at this remark.

Like others have mentioned, I also didn’t really like the bullying scene, but I am thankful it was over relatively quickly. I am not a bullying victim, but this kind of scenes make me feel very uncomfortable and powerless, even if the bully is dealt with. It’s nice to see Haruka had grow up stronger to confront it, but I’d have preferred they did something else instead.

And now I think I’d better go sleep because I think I’ve been reading this VN for like 8 hours today >.<


I’m so sorry :sob: . I never thought they would change or omit non R18 bits from the game. I’ll think about how I can make it clearer without spoilers just in case we get any more of those weeks in the future.

You must have read a bit ahead of where I stopped and it looked like it would go for a little while, that’s why I didn’t include that part for the week and decided to cut it in the middle of that “ongoing-ish” scene instead. Now I’m glad I didn’t, but still ;-; .

If for whatever reason it happens again and any of you can’t comfortably make it before the next week is posted just let me know and we can give an extra week or make the next week shorter to compensate.


No worries! I appreciate all the hard work you do to read ahead and find a suitable endpoint each week, and there was no way anyone could have predicted they would change this particular line. I also never thought such change could have happened, that’s why I kept going on despite how high my character count was getting.

I’ll keep a closer eye on the Scene Transitions section in your opening post, that would have made it clear pretty quickly that I had gone past the expected point.