419 days - no more lessons

After almost 14 months I have finished all the lessons WaniKani has and completed level 60… At least to the apprentice level. I have dedicated more time to my reviews than just about anything else I have done in the past year.

In that time I have not engaged much with the WK community board. I think I am going to take a little more time to get to know everyone here better and continue my studies now that I have to guide myself a bit more to keep learning.

I have so much to learn about grammar and how to understand and respond in conversation. It is amazing how much there is to learn with a new language.

I am not great at creating forum posts, but I wanted to say I have enjoyed this first stretch of my journey to become fluent in a new language and I look forward to getting to know more people who are on the same path.

Keep up the hard work! I will be here everyday until I burn every last turtle there is!


Congrats! Finishing at all is an accomplishment, but that’s also quite an impressive pace and accuracy.

Best of luck from here on out. I’ve found these forums to be a really good resource for the kind of thing you’re looking for. Something like the book clubs or various challenges might be worth a look if you need some structure (and a ton of helpful people to answer questions) moving forward?


Congratulations! Well earned cake!




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Congratulations! So fast!

I love the username, but does WK limit usernames to 16 characters? That missing “a” haunts me already! <laugh>

Thank you! Wanikani is pretty much all i did all day the past year-ish. I kinda planned my days around reviews and snuck in grammar lessons where i could from Lingodeer and various books.

Yes, unfortunately many sites limit user names so i have to find ways to make the name fit. I feel like the “a” that was removed is the least necessary one but it does kinda bother me a little bit.

Grats, now the journey into the wild starts.

I’m going to have to look more into those. I would enjoy participating in a book club. As much as I use various forums for work I don’t tend to participate in them much. No particular reason, either, it just seems more difficult than talking in person or instant messaging.

Thanks for the advice, I will spend some time getting used to searching through the forums here and finding more ways to interact with everyone.

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Congrats :tada::smiley:

That’s great. Hope to see you around more. :smiley: