2100 KaniWani reviews

by the way, if you ever need some motivation, try this:

based on The Laughing Heart and Roll The Dice by Charles Bukowski.
Just encountered this in a different context, and found it very powerful and strangely fitting for WK/Japanese.
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Currently working on some reviews and lessons on WK, but just a few, 15/18.
KW is 2/399.
BunPro is 40.
BunPro takes a much longer times, so I get the “gulp” on 100 reviews there haha.

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Dannggg that’s a good tip (again!!), auto play on BunPro! Thank you <3

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Yeah some Bunpro reviews take some time, though some go quick too.
Managed to get to 0 on both WK and Bunpro yesterday (=

I even managed for the first time in days to read half a chapter of Yotsubato after that, haha.
My usual plan is to go 0/0 on WK and 0 on Bunpro before starting to read,
i just wasn’t fast enough for that lately. Granted, i’m getting distracted by background streams (GDQ for the past days) a lot ^^

I probably should read and listen more and put some sessions of that in between reviews.
And maybe i should have something like Japan News 24 in the background more often, though the news items do tend to get on my nerves once repeated too often.

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Erhmagerd you just keep showering me with the greatest tips ever! Thank you so much for that YouTube link. The GQD link doesn’t do anything?
Lol I still didn’t get to reading. I do WK first, then KW, then BunPro, then self-study WK, then my Excel sheet haha. And I had a lot to do at home and sports and stuff too.

Listening to Japan News I’m like: is this a different language? I get nothing. Hahahaha.

Ah, fixed the GDQ link. It’s mostly only relevant if you’re interested in games, or extreme challenges, or doing that to collect money for charity though ^^ also, the event is now over.

Yeah, for now i also prioritize my SRS studies over immersion, because i feel like i can at least get WK out of the way quickly, and then i’ll have a much easier time with immersion.

Yeah, Japan News 24 is hard, haha. Of course it’s made for natives, and they use a bajillion proper nouns of people names, company names, etc., so it’s actually one of the harder types of native content. But still, it’s immersion and listening practice, getting used to the sounds, picking out a word here and there (=
For understandable news, there’s NHK Easy News of course. Haven’t tried it yet, but many people recommend it.

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First off, great job on getting so much to enlightened! I followed this thread and damn that must have been some work…!!

Anyway, since I’m from the Netherlands as well, I’ve been wanting to ask you if/what you use to get you’re grammar up next to your WK practice.

Any advice?

Greets & keep it up!


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i hope you don’t mind me quickly answering the gist of it until Mashira does, but the answer will be Bunpro, maybe in a few more words ^^ we both use it and love it.

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Yep, definitely BunPro. And I use some very old syllabi from when I used to study Japanese. But that’s not adding a whole bunch to BunPro.


0/0 on WK, 0 on Bunpro, did 6 lessons there, 0/0 on Torii (did all 50 lessons, though lots of easy hiragana words), i’m bored, halp ^^ read 2 chapters of Yotsubato, too. This has been a good weekend for Japanese.
Well, work is starting again tomorrow, something tells me i should enjoy the calm before the storm.

edit: nevermind, i just guru’d a whole bunch of kanji. Early storm confirmed.

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I’ve read this whole thread meanwhile slacking on my own revisions, lol. At my level, this is not a big deal, really, tough.

A question: I’ve attempted at keeping an Excel sheet on the side to put in vocabulary that I don’t know that I come across while learning with books. I put the kana, kanji, a selection of english translations (from jisho) and 1 or 2 example sentences. It’s quite an endeavor, lol. I am planning to make my own SRS deck in Anki with it, once it reaches a certain amount of vocab.
I came across you saying that you keep an excel sheet as well, would you mind to elaborate how and what you do in detail?

Also, huge respect to your accomplishment here, it was like reading a thriller. “How many reviews will be be greeted by when she thinks she’s at 0? We’ll find out!”


why don’t you just immediately put your vocab into Anki though? Saves you one step. You just need a template like your Excel columns. You can even make that deck temporary, and select from them later into a new deck. But i guess now that you’ve gone for this, you may as well continue ^^

Yeah I know… and you’re totally right…
I don’t know, I have a history with Anki, lol. I’ve had months of using it extensively a few years back, to study Kanji with the RTK method. I came pretty far with that but after neglecting it for a 2 months (ironically while on vacation in Japan), and seeing the mountain of reviews there, I am kinda in a love-hate relationship with it.
Right now, I don’t really know if I am really gonna put it into Anki or not…

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Yeah, haha, i also abandoned a few Anki decks, and never got into a good groove with it. It’s just not nearly as motivating as WK. But i know it’s great in theory, haha. I’ll try to get back into it with my custom deck with vocab i encounter, and maybe other useful decks.

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Exactly… hehe. I’ve had quite a few decks there in the end, maybe that’s what killed it for me. And now I feel like deleting them (and my progress) is a stab in the back. Can’t erase my past just like that!
I’ve never made my own custom deck on Anki, because of the many deck that were already there, but I’ve came to realize that this might just be the only correct way. I really should just delete everything there and start fresh. Aaaaah, the struggle :tired_face:

Ah, and I just wanted to add that the reason I am doing an Excel sheet first is because I wanna figure out which columns I will need later. For japanese two ‘front and back’ columns don’t cut it, right, so I am still experimenting with which ones I need. And then, in the end, I was planning to import the excel sheet into Anki (not typing them up one by one again). So I am not really taking an extra step now :smiley:

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Early storm confirmed, LOL!!

I have one tab with info (kanji, meaning, reading, words that are synonyms, comments and number of times wrong)
And another where I can paste the kanji I want to quiz.
It automatically gets the data from the other tab. I made some buttons so I can hide columns. And there are colums which I fill in. Excel shows which one are correct and which aren’t. I can choose to re-quiz te ones that I did wrong.
I can go back to the other tab to fill in how many times I did it wrong, so it shows the total amount. I can sort and then copypaste the ones I did wrong the most to the quiz tab.

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Wow that sounds well managed! Not sure I entirely get it :sweat_smile:

By quiz, do you mean you manually self-quiz yourself? Is everything you describe integrated in just excel? And did you program is using simple excel commands or by macros?

Sorry, I didn’t explain it all that well. It seems easy when you made it yourself and explain it from that point of view haha.
The buttons I did with macro’s.

For example. After clicking the “reading” button:
(it hides all the other colums, only shows reading and the column I can give the answer in)

After clicking the “meaning” button:

After clicking the “kanji” button:

There’s a column with hidden random numbers. When I click the buttons, it automatically sorts on that column. So the order in which the items are, will always be random.

Everything in blue is the preset information. The other columns is the stuff you fill in. I hope it makes some sense now :slight_smile:

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wow, this is next-level! Thanks for the detailed info!
I’ve tried programming with macros before but I failed miserably (I have zero experince in that regard). won’t be able to reproduce that lol

And what you add here are the Kanji compound that you fail in your reviews? So after each session you add the failed ones to your spread sheet? Or, if you keep mistaking them, you annotate somehow that you still can’t remember them. This really amazing here, haha

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