🔊 Listen Every Day Challenge - Winter 2024 ⛄❄

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Hearing japanese is totally the number one motive I’m now learning the language so this challenge is kind of made for me :blush: The first time I checked a japanese word in a dictionary was because I heard it in an anime or a game, and part of my vocabulary is still coming this way.

When I don’t hear japanese, I miss it (really !), so I hope I’ll nail this challenge :yum:
As for my material, it will be games and anime mainly. However, I now listen to audio books or series (one of my dream goal is to be able to understand various dramas cds of my favorite games as soon as possible). And I’d like to listen more podcasts too, even if I don’t really know what to listen except for Nihongo con Teppei.
Also, one hour a week, I have an italki lesson when I talk a little with my teacher too. Listening some dialogs is part of our routine.

I listen a lot of j-music too, pop punk and anime music essentially, but it’s not really active listening so I won’t count it in my listening practice :sweat_smile:

:headphones: Listening Type Notes
:woman_teacher: Weekly Italki lesson Online lesson I use Irodori textbook
:jar: The Jam Maker Satori Reader series Here it is
:hibiscus: The Apothecary Diaries Anime The heroine is smart and badass :dizzy:
:dagger: Solo Leveling Anime Very bloody so far :scream:
:fire: Fire Force (炎炎ノ消防隊) Anime Season 2 - Learning a lot of vocabulary about fire ^^
:man_swimming: Free Anime The characters are lovable and their friendship is so enjoyable to watch ^^
:sound: Nihongo con Teppei for beginners Podcast Episode 17 so far !
:crayon: Comprehensible Japanese for beginners youtube channel I feel smart when I listen to it :smile:
A calendar
:snowflake: :scarf: :evergreen_tree: Jan :evergreen_tree: :scarf: :snowflake:
01 :headphones: 02 :headphones: 03 :headphones: 04 :headphones: 05 :headphones: 06 :headphones: 07 :headphones:
08 :headphones: 09 :headphones: 10 :headphones: 11 :headphones: 12 :headphones: 13 :headphones: 14 :headphones:
15 :headphones: 16 :headphones: 17 :headphones: 18 :headphones: 19 :headphones: 20 :headphones: 21 :headphones:
22 :headphones: 23 :headphones: 24 :headphones: 25 :headphones: 26 :headphones: 27 :headphones: 28 :headphones:
29 :headphones: 30 :headphones: 31 :headphones:
:dragon: :snowboarder: :love_letter: Feb :love_letter: :snowboarder: :dragon:
01 :headphones: 02 :headphones: 03 :headphones: 04 :headphones:
05 :headphones: 06 :headphones: 07 :headphones: 08 :headphones: 09 :headphones: 10 :headphones: 11 :headphones:
12 :headphones: 13 :headphones: 14 :headphones: 15 :sweat_smile: 16 :sweat_smile: 17 :sweat_smile: 18 :sweat_smile:
19 :sweat_smile: 20 :sweat_smile: 21 :headphones: 22 :headphones: 23 :headphones: 24 :headphones: 25 :headphones:
26 :headphones: 27 :headphones: 28 :headphones: 29 :headphones:
:tulip: :cloud_with_rain: :sunny: Mar :sunny: :cloud_with_rain: :tulip:
01 :headphones: 02 :headphones: 03 :headphones:
04 :headphones: 05 :headphones: 06 :headphones: 07 :headphones: 08 :headphones: 09 :headphones: 10 :headphones:
11 :headphones: 12 :headphones: 13 :headphones: 14 :headphones: 15 :headphones: 16 :headphones: 17 :headphones:
18 :headphones: 19 :headphones: 20 :headphones: 21 :headphones: 22 :headphones: 23 :headphones: 24 :headphones:
25 :headphones: 26 :headphones: 27 :headphones: 28 :headphones: 29 :headphones: 30 :headphones: 31 :headphones:
Listened when listened
:headphones: Listened Type Notes
:notes: Kiki-Mimi Radio Series On Satori Reader, not the series of the year but it was cute and even breath-taking at the end.
:heavy_heart_exclamation: Sakura and Suzuki Satori Reader series Here it is. It was cute and refreshing to read and listen the exchanges between the 2 lovers. A nice series !
:sushi: 寿司(すし) Japanese Graded Readers A short historical and cultural introduction to sushi. Useful kitchen vocabulary. However, I didn’t really like it…
:snowflake: (かさ)地蔵(じぞう) Japanese Graded Readers Very cute tale :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
:bus: ジョンさんバス中で Japanese Graded Readers Not the most original nor interesting story but nice nonetheless.
:monkey: どうして猿の尾は短い? どうしてクラゲは骨がない? Japanese Graded Readers 2 entertaining little tales :slightly_smiling_face:
:flower_playing_cards: Chihaya Furu Anime + manga An intense well-written sports manga in the world of Karuta. However, don’t expect much about the romance or the friendships in the story, they’re really showed at their bare minimum.
:crossed_swords: Hakuoki : Kyoto Winds & Edo Blossoms VN - Otome Tragic story of the Shisengumi, a group of japanese samurais, until the Meiji Restoration.
:paintbrush: Adabana Odd Tales Visual Novel, along with the Visual Novel Book Club Gorgeous bitter-sweet story with unique art and an interesting insight in the japanese folklore tales :heart_eyes:
:eye_in_speech_bubble: Charade Maniacs Visual Novel In a SF world, 10 high schoolers get kidnapped in order to participate in a mysterious stream. Very uneven otome but somewhat enjoyable.
:desert_island: Island Visual Novel Along with the Visual Novel Book Club. I’ve given up soon, as I really disliked the main character.