銭天堂 | Week 1 Discussion

I have the same impression as @NicoleIsEnough, it didn’t seem more difficult to read than the chapter, but it was a bit cryptic since it doesn’t quite explain what’s going on, but my interpretation is that such was the intent of the author…


Was there any particular part of the prologue that you wanted to talk about?

:face_with_monocle: …but it does, doesn’t it? We just haven’t gotten that far this week…


Just went back and re-read it to double check, but I also didn’t find it particularly difficult to understand. I mean there were certainly a few words I had to look up, but overall it doesn’t come across as too convoluted, at least to me.
Gonna ditto on @Saruko, was there a specific part that threw you?

Aside from the prologue, I’m actually really excited for this! I was originally pretty worried since I’ve never tried reading an actual book before. All my reading experience comes from studying and various announcements that cross my desk, so I wasn’t sure how it would be. Turns out my reading comprehension is a lot better than I expected! May have to be careful not to jump ahead :sweat_smile:


I should say that ようござんす did puzzle me at first, but I guess that’s just how the old lady speaks, so we should be expecting more like that throughout the book. (I don’t know why I was so surprised, though, since ござんしょ is right on the cover.)


Oh, I see! I should probably say „this week‘s reading“ then :wink:

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Ah yea that part was definitely weird. Only got it because of @Kyasurin’s explanation further up the post.

I just took it as part of her voice, like it would be weird if in English a mysterious old shopkeeper was all “Ah sweet, that’s a pretty sick prize ya got there” instead of something like “Oohhh, a fortunate occurrence, that is”. But definitely wasn’t straightforward to understand.


I was worried about this one being harder to read but so far it’s fine. Though I’m really bad at finding the start and end points. I’m not even sure I know where the prologue ends and chapter one begins. :confused:

Enjoying this one so far though!

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In case people missed this one in the home thread, currently there is some interest in starting a reading group for this book, and I’ve set up a poll for prospective participants.


Okay, the consensus definitely seems to be that it’s fine, haha! I’ll take a look at it this morning and report back :wink: - I just started straight off with chapter 1.

Update: okay, yep, no problems there! I suspect I tried to read it without a dictionary many months ago and got a bit stuck with the tombola…


The prologue is on p7 if you have a physical book. Ch 1 starts on p10.

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I think it might be a bit early for me to read anything, but I’m gonna try anyway, so marking this thread for later. Do you know where it’s better to buy an ebook? I’m looking for the best reader, because I’ve bought another book on Amazon.jp and ugh it could use some improvements.
Anyway, thank you for having me and I hope to finish my first book here :v:


That made me laugh out loud :joy:

I also really enjoyed this week’s reading, I think it was easier than 時をかける少女, but maybe that’s because I read a lot in between these two :thinking: Ah, and all those candy names oh gosh, I feel like I’m gonna be a master in Japanese sweets after this book:DD


I’m increasingly happy with the Bookwalker app (on iOS). One can mark and annotate stuff (only in novels, though, not in mangas because mangas are pictures basically), and it connects to the built-in dictionary and also lets me send text snippets to Google and Wikipedia for searching, lets me change the font, font size, line spacing, background color and so on.
If you have special features you’d like to have, I can find out if they are available.

Other than that, I’ve heard good things about the booklive reader as well (e.g. you can toggle off furigana).

I also tried the ebookJapan reader which I found to be really crappy. Now ebookJapan is part of Yahoo, but I don’t know their new reader. Hopefully it’s better…

Edit: If you want to give the Bookwalker app a try yourself, there are usually free extended reading samples of random books available (marked with 0円 or 無料), so you can play with the app and see whether you like it.


Thanks, I’m gonna try these out. Turning furigana off/on sounds nice :slight_smile:

I have the ebook on my Kindle and there are no page numbers.
I started reading where Mayumi is depressed because she has PE the following day and they’re going to swim. I’m not sure if I somehow skipped the prologue or if that’s the prologue itself.
I just got to the page where there’s an illustration of a man with a whip - looks like he’s from a circus, there is some text above him saying ‘Beast Biscuit’

I think the bit with Mayumi is the prologue and the bit with Emi is Chapter 1? I’m not 100% though.

It’s embarrassing how lost I am in a book ahaha.

EDIT: Nevermind, for some reason I had just skipped the prologue and read Chapter 1 - not sure how it happened, and now I’m up to Week 4, oops.


:joy: you can help the rest of us with our questions then!


I didn’t know what a 福引用の八角形の箱 is so I looked it up. It looks like this I guess:

Which makes the description make so much more sense. I’m still not sure what the 十 昭和四十二年 represents or what kind of fortune it is other than the obvious translation. Does anyone know how they work?


The way I understood it (and I very well might be wrong) was that the “winner” was any 10-yen coin from the 42nd year of the Showa era.


Wao you’ve read a lot :joy: Good job though! :joy::yellow_heart:


I just thought there must be a lot to read… :stuck_out_tongue:

“Man this is one long arse prologue”