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21 - 間違い探し

Start Date: June 08th

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Man, I really hope this chapter will be good. There’s only 2 chapters left for the volume to redeem itself :cry:


the sooner we let it go the sooner we will be disappointed LOL

i haven’t started this chapter yet though

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Welp, that’s a weird one, even (or especially?) considering the concept of this manga.

So… the world restores itself depending on how much people think that the current world is wrong? That almost makes sense, but what about the “additional person” thing that spawned Kon? If I remember correctly, everyone thought that the additional person has always been there, so nobody (except Kasane who seems to be outside the bug system) thought the world is wrong. Or, thinking about it… maybe it was the discrepancies that crept up (e.g. Kon trying to phone home, but reaching nobody) which lead to the end of the bug in the end, and if the bug was perfectly excecuted it would have never ended?

But even then I can’t see why the “bug-less world” bug would not end on its own now that Kon knows about it. It’s the same with the time stop bug - only Kon knew that it’s weird compared to their normal world, and the bug still ended.

All that aside: Kasane seems right that a bug-less world is probably much more convenient and potentially less dangerous, so leaving it bug-less as it is would be the proper choice. Reverting it only for Kon (and to alleviate her boredom) seems pretty selfish.

Weird chapter.

(I’m glad that Kon wants to open up to his “family” and friends though!)


it’s worse than a time paradox story (oh wait it’s coming isn’t it)
SHM my head

uhhhhh I’m very very confused

best part of the chapter imo was this stuff

Schrodinger’s cat

demon kitty

oh he keeps his hand in tact

kilroy was here cat


angry kitty
angry cuz the cat is the evil demon thing from suzume? beats me at this point

this chapter gave me a headache, instead of going out with a whimper im getting irritated at this story now :laughing:


What’s the confusing part? If you have any questions I might be able to clarify them. I didn’t find it particularly confusing - just not very interesting either.


Just the plot in general from start to finish things don’t quite seem to check out but will see how it goes.

Similar questions to you’re previous post. Hoping more becomes clear next chapter


22 - 今日の続き

Start Date: June 15th

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General thoughts on this series

I am a bit underwhelmed and sad due to the unrealized potential of this manga. It’s even fuzzy to me what exactly was the main thing that Nakatani-sensei was going for with it.

The bugs themselves were varied, but in general not that interesting; in many cases all their consequences and ramifications were not explained or developed at all. That wouldn’t have been a problem if they had been used for other purposes like character development, but even in that department I feel the manga fell short.

Even for the main characters, Kon and Kasane, it was hard to reach the point where I cared deeply about them, much less for any of the others. This is specially disheartening for me considering how in that aspect it’s the exact opposite of Yagate Kimi ni Naru.

Certainly the series had its high point when it was revealed how Kon was a bug, which was a stroke of genius, but it seemed like Nakatani-sensei didn’t know how to go on after that.

This sounds pretty negative, but overall I feel witnessing that stroke of genius kinda made it worth it to read, and takes this manga above many other series that just seem bland. I am still looking forward to Nakatani-sensei’s next work.

Random side note, this part of the Atogaki made me crack a smile.


Thoughts on the chapter (while reading)

I’m 5 pages in, and if this ends with Kon vanishing because everybody realizes that he’s a bug I’m gonna riot.

Telling everyone that he was born from a bug would’ve probably been quite a shocking story for everyone, but of course Kon has to do it in hard mode while nobody even remembers bugs being a normal thing, haha.

Thoughts on the chapter (afterwards)

I gotta admit that I would’ve probably thought this chapter was slightly more interesting if it hadn’t been a bug that was kind of beneficial for almost all people except our two protagonists. Or, like, if this would mean that Kon would cease to exist or something. Or actually had ceased to exist and they are trying/hoping to get him back! But there doesn’t seem to be any danger at all, and yet for some reason everyone is super cooperative in going back to the bugged world. Like…


…why not?

Although it would sooner or later resolve itself anyway when people try hard enough to remember certain things, I guess. So in that sense they are speeding up a slow process that would be frustrating to those who first start to remember… or something? I don’t know.

Thoughts on the volume

Ah, well. So… that’s it. I have to admit that this feels like the weakest volume for me. Volume 1 had promise, but didn’t deliver quite yet. Volume 2 had this fantastic twist that sold me on the series. Volume 3 was a bit weaker, but all around solid and fun. The strongest bit of volume 4 was that it felt like it turned much more non-episodic, but this was hampered a ton by wasted potential both on the bug and on the character development fronts - this could’ve been much better, I feel like.

My biggest grievance is that I would’ve loved to learn more about Kasane and/or the bug “system”. Now we’ll never find out… either because the author couldn’t set something about that up in the time left, or because they didn’t come up with any ideas or explanations for it. Or maybe they just thought that this might be better for whatever reason. :shrugging_man:

But, be all that as it may, I’m gonna miss this. Thanks for introducing this manga to us and for organizing the book club, @Shadowlauch! And thanks for the fun discussions, everyone.


For me, there were quite a few that I really liked. None of them were in that last volume though :smiling_face_with_tear:
I do agree that there could’ve been so much more done with it though.

From what I understood there are exactly no consequences and ramifications from any of the bugs. In pretty much all cases the bugs take their course, and then they vanish without a trace and in a way that hurts nobody.

I guess the author just wanted to write a slice of life with a twist…


Not to say the manga is very convincing about this, but I kinda get it - the thought of something messing up with my memories and consciousness would certainly make me feel very uncomfortable even if somehow someone managed to convince that it’s better for me (and the world) that I let that run its course, it would still bother me to be manipulated in such a way.

Sorry, my understanding is the same, just my wording is very poor. I meant in general that bugs didn’t seem developed enough to produce any kind of result (for example, mentally on Kasane, or something). I feel that particular trait of bugs made them less impactful, even if many of them were kinda fun.

Even in a typical slice of life manga, plot moves on supported by these small every day things: a character learns to cook, or a character gets promoted, or someone starts a new hobby. Here I feel that bugs barely contributed to an overall progress.

Then again, I guess you could argue bugs do have some consequences (e.g. “bug remnants”).


This whole series
I am so freaking RAWR ANNOYED!!!

I don’t feel satisfied and feel like I just wasted all of this time.
Kind of like a movie or a tv show where at the end someone wakes up and it was all a dream. It’s kind of like the writers just screwed you over and are happy to mess with the audience.


Seriously wth?

Kon was the bug, ok but WHY? or did I miss the reasoning.
How was he born, and why?
Guess a buggy stork dropped him off?
Cloning? So many “whys” were never answered.

If anyone watched the TV show “the good place” not going to spoil it if someone hasn’t seen it, but a plot twist of that scale could have been really great!

So much potential just seemed squandered to me. It’s curious, can’t tell if this was due to the writer, editor, publisher or just someone had their head in the clouds.

Agree that these bugs could have been used to grow the characters more, or even integrate them back, I was wondering at one point wait was the cat a reincarnation of that creature from early on?

The only take away I can find from this series (if there was one) is to enjoy the world you live in, bugs or no bugs (good or bad) and even if your busy stop to slow down and smell the roses (remember the good things and what not).


Like others, I’m disappointed in the series and this volume in particular. I enjoy slice of life when there’s good comedy or something else like romance or character connections that make it worth it. But there was so little of that in this series.