ロウェナの学習ログ・(Rowena's Study Log)

Your schedules are so detailed :heart_eyes: And the colour coding is :ok_hand:

I also love the idea of planning leech training in your schedule! I’m going to take inspiration from yours to update mine a little bit :blush:


That was the bit in my previous 毎日 section that was almost always being forgotten because it didn’t have a check box beside it - I have found having to physically mark each time that it has been completed has made a huge difference.


The pared-back book studies are going well - less work, less stress, but still progressing my learning.

The checkboxes-for-every-item is also working really well, and I know this because when the kanji from the last couple of levels come up, where I didn’t take the time to look up their etymology, I have much more trouble remembering them. An example from recent lessons where this has worked for me is - Wanikani has the left side as ‘life’ and ‘towel’, but the actual derivation is from a multibranched tree and when combined with the right side ‘knife’ it becomes pruning; when you think about the amount of control imposed upon a tree to prune it into a bonsai, it sticks really well.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new quarter, and I’m excited to announce that this quarter sees me finally finishing the first books of Shin Nihongo no Kiso and Basic Kanji (I had started and got most of the way through each while living in Japan 20 years ago, and then erased everything and started again when recommencing my studies):

I found the colour blocks in the new study-plan layout a bit shouty after looking at them for a week, so I’ve gone back to coloured font instead (much easier to do with the new layout with whole rows being the same colour).


Thanks for posting a link to your guide in my question thread - this is good inspiration! I’m just about to hit level 11 and realizing that I need to get organized if I’m going to do all of the stuff I want to do - WK, grammar, reading, speaking… This gives me some good perspective on what it will take, and has some great resources!

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Out of curiosity, I’ve started setting up my own OneNote book in a similar way as you’ve done. I like the organization you’ve got in the screenshot in the first post, but…mine doesn’t look anything like that. Has OneNote changed, or are there some settings I need to edit? I can’t even seem to make groups under each tab like you’ve done…

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My OneNote does not seem to have changed remarkably, even with updates, so I’ll proceed on the presumption that it is the same…

The steps below include screenshots - click to expand.

1. Add a new notebook

2. Within notebook, add sections - you can change the colour of section tabs with a right-click menu selection

3. Within sections, add pages.

You can select the colour of the pages, including to make ‘dark mode’ as user Chopped has done here.

In the right-click menu on the pages listings, you can set any page as a default template to replicate a format in new pages. You can also add new pages from this menu with the bottom selection - ‘new page below’

This little icon in the top left lets you reveal and hide the naviagation panes

Annotation 2020-04-04 125917 Annotation 2020-04-04 125704

I’ll try to answer any other questions you might have. Good luck, and please share a screenshot when you’re set up, here if not in your own study log! :grin:


Okay, I finally figured out what was going on. So, I was using Office 365’s OneNote 2016. That is apparently a completely different program from the “OneNote” on the Microsoft Store. Because that makes sense.

So, for comparison, this is what I was seeing in OneNote 2016…

OneNote 2016


Versus just “OneNote”…



So yeah, that would explain why I was having such a hard time getting them to match up… Good ol’ Microsoft.

Long story short, I got it working, and…you’ve already seen the result of it! Here goes nothing!

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Mine’s not from the store - they must have reverted to the even older version I’m on. I can certainly understand your confusion about the differences from your screenshots. Your 2016 version actually looks more intuitive (having +notebook, +page, etc. at the very bottom is silly…)

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I finally completed all of my kanji lessons for level 21 yesterday and should move up to level 22明晩 (大失敗 nonwithstanding!)

I’m really looking forward to starting back with the bookclub tomorrow! :smiley: :books:

I have translated the rest of my study plan to Japanese - if any of you more advanced folk see any glaring errors, please let me know.

Next week:


I didn’t stuff up any critical kanji, so yay I have finally moved on from level 21 - let’s try to not have another super-long level like that again…

Annotation 2020-04-06 193916


My anxiety totally spiked on Wednesday (ironically due to the 20 min discussion with my GP to renew my Mental Health Treatment Plan in which we discussed my anxiety, its triggers and exactly how it is manifesting itself and how those manifestations are affecting my daily life; all of which lead to me being too faint and nauseated to actually attend my therapy session on Thursday) - with my brain drowning in excess cortisol, WK got put on vacation mode (yet again) on Thursday morning and all other studies got set aside.

Next week will essentially be finishing off this week’s book work and keeping up with わんわん探偵団, and getting back to WK as soon as my long-term memory becomes reasonably functional again.


Feeling a fair bit better several hours later, so have gotten off my duff and actually done up a proper schedule for next week, including a few extra exercises in the kanji workbook.


You’re not alone! We could start a new race group on Wanikani:
:snail::beach_umbrella:Team snails on vacation :snail::beach_umbrella:



I don’t know if it was the recent update or the power outage, but the computer has not been functioning as normal the last few days - I think I have it sorted now. I’m a bit behind on わんわん探偵団 now as a result, but I hope to catch up and finish off this week’s reading this evening.

Next week’s plan:


I just got another one of these - goodness, but they cheer me up!


And another one - I seem to be on a bit of a roll! :smiley: :confetti_ball:


Things are going reasonably smoothly except for sleeping in three mornings in a row last week due to ongoing insomnia resulting in my missing 3 lesson sessions, which in turn leads to my not finishing my kanji lessons for this level until next week.

I’m excited to be starting the second-to-last section of my Basic Kanji I book (where I left off half-way through about 20 years ago, as I can see from where my scribblings ran out).

Next week’s plan:


Hi Rowena! I got the Basic Kanji Workbook and have been truly enjoying it thanks to your recommendation! I purchased the second book in the series, but mine came without an answer key. Do you have the second book as well?


Sorry for the slow reply.

I’m so glad to hear you are also finding the workbook useful and enjoyable.

I do also have the second workbook and it did come with an answer key, tucked just inside the front cover. If you bought it new, I would contact the seller and inform them that yours is missing. If you ordered it from Japan, I expect there will not be any problem with them sending you one (and I would hope the same would hold for outside Japan as well).

I bought a used copy through Amazon, and it was only $10…now I know why! I rebought it today and hopefully selected a copy that is potentially whole! Lol. We shall see! It looks like Japan is not mailing anything to the US right now (according to the website that the link you provided to purchase the book takes you to) and this feels like one of those books that is hard to find elsewhere! The “new” copies on amazon are almost $200…wild!!!