🐱 にゃんにゃん探偵団 🕵️‍♀ Kitty Detectives 2 Home Thread!

My new Japanese word for the day: クールビズ.

(Just got to reading カポネのおすすめブックガイド1. I love his take on the cover of The Three Little Pigs.)


Done with catching up :grinning: now I just have to / want to read through the last two weekly threads.


Awwwww yiss! Nice work :grin:

I’ve actually been trying to sell my colleagues on this as we head into the Australian summer! I remember it from working in Japanese schools in the mid-2000s. :slight_smile:

This isn’t really related to anything, but I learned a Japanese word today that sent a shiver down my spine: like in English, the Japanese have turned the noun “Google” into a colloquial verb (as ググる) - but according to JMDict it didn’t become a する verb… it’s 五段 and conjugates accordingly!!! Augh! I don’t think I’ve even seen another godan verb that is written using katakana before.

See you all for resumption tomorrow on the 9th. :slight_smile:


Here in Sydney it’s less summer and more the End of Days.


Well of course it is. ググる is clearly an う-verb. ググます just sounds daft, hence ググります.

オバむ1. Or for a non-joke answer: サボる

1 That being the verb form of オバマ (as in Barack), which used to be in Jisho as "to chant ‘yes we can, yes we can’ " but is curiously no longer apparent.


We’re back! Time to tackle story two.

We’re reading the entire case in one week, for our most pages yet. Don’t worry about it though, because next week’s solution will be our shortest read yet!


We are starting Story Three on the 30th of December, and as we’re currently tackling our longest week’s page count so far I thought this would be a good point to vote on the pace.

Vote on the pace for Story Three

Story Three is exactly the same number of pages as Story One.

Option (a) is that we similarly read it over six weeks, at the same average pace as Story One. We would tackle exactly eight pages every week, and finish the book mid-February.

Option (b) is that we read it over four weeks - on the basis that hopefully people are more used to the writing style and vocabulary by now, and are reading faster! This would be on average 12 pages per week (see the schedule in the OP), and we’d finish a bit before the end of January.

It might be good to try pushing ourselves a bit for the final stretch :triumph: but I don’t want us to go faster if it means people can’t keep up right at the end.

  • (a) read it over six weeks (8 pages / week)
  • (b) read it over four weeks (12 pages / week)

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Edit - quick ping to make sure everyone currently reading gets a say - @Kappa420 @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz @catbus @curiousjp @jaearess @riiibu - I’d like to close the poll this weekend


I realise I am pretty much a lone voice here, but I was under the impression this was supposed to an Absolute Beginner Book Club read - how many of those voting would consider themselves more advanced?

A part of me does understand that if the majority of those currently participating want to go faster that makes some sense, but should it be done if anyone who is actually an absolute beginner reader gets pushed aside? I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up.

For your consideration…

(This will be the first Japanese book I will have completed)


It… it is? Haven’t I regularly seen you in book clubs?

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I can’t speak for @Radish8, but I felt this poll was along the lines of “let’s see whether or not everyone’s fine with a faster pace”, with weight on keeping the slower pace if anyone wanted/needed that.

I feel the general reasoning is sound: the further one gets into reading a single work by a single author, the more you get used to their writing style, and the faster pace some readers will be able to go. A good indicator in this is a drop in the number of questions over time, but looking looking at this thread, it looks like each week’s had roughly the same general number of comments.

I answered the poll based on what I can handle, but I don’t mind either way! Every page fewer for me to read per week is that many more manga pages I can get in =D

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Pls note the word ‘completed’ :slightly_smiling_face: - this is the 4th time I’ve joined a group, but will be the first time I don’t give up part way through because it’s too hard.


I’m am not an absolute beginner, I just wanted to read a book about kitties (I wish there were more :crying_cat_face:).

I am more than happy to read at at whatever pace people would prefer, which is why I did not originally vote. Since Radish8 tagged me, I voted for four weeks, but feel free to disregard. I’ll read with you no matter what!


I quite agree. I’m not joining you for the next story as I have to get on with my next project (I keep saying that… one of these fine days I’ll actually make a proper start!), but if I were joining you then I’d be pushing for the same pace as currently.

There is a tendancy in all these groups to keep raising the level. That’s one of the reasons why the ABBC started, because the Beginner bookclub, which started with Yotsuba, soon got more and more advanced. If the ABBC gets faster as it goes along, how long till we’ll need a Totally Absolutely Genuine Beginners Book Club?

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I was kind of missing another option like “( c) I don’t mind / either speed is fine” but I still went with (b) only because it would be a better schedule for me personally / easier for me trying to join Flying Witch 2 in February.

Thinking about it again, I kind of agree that for the ABBC the speed shouldn’t be more than 1 page a day / 7 pages a week on average (unless there’s only 3 pages of text and 4 pages of full-page drawings). What kept me so far and still keeps me from actually finishing a BBC read (on time / with the club) is the speed actually. I think overall I’d be ready to focus more on BBC reads if it wasn’t for the 10+ pages per week. I can’t handle more than a few pages a week because (1) I’m not at the stage where I’m willing to read past every grammar point that I don’t understand for the sake of reading faster just because “I get the gist of it” (2) I don’t want to spend more study time than a certain amount of hours a week on Japanese.
In contrast, ABBC book picks are usually less text dense than BBC ones. In these cases I’m able to read more than 7 pages a week without much trouble.
So that basically keeps me sticking with the ABBC and lets me usually drop or put BBC picks on hold.

So whether that makes me an absolute beginner or a beginner, I don’t know :woman_shrugging: Nontheless, I agree with @Rowena and @marcusp and thinking about it again… I’d vote for actually keeping a moderate reading speed (so I’ll change my vote in a minute :stuck_out_tongue:)

(On the other hand, peeking at the poll in the week 7 thread, most of the people that said they’re still reading along also voted for a faster speed… In the ABBC, though, I think we should always put more weight on the votes of people who favor a moderate speed or who openly admit that they struggle keeping up or would so if the reading speeds up…)


Phew, to answer suddenly a lot of comments.

Just because I’m running a poll doesn’t mean that it’s a ‘majority wins’ poll. I run the polls in order to gather opinions, so that I can then make a decision based on people’s feedback.

Given that it looked like a majority for going faster, I was planning to directly ask anybody voting for the slower pace what their thoughts were - i.e. would you just prefer to go slower, or would you not be able to keep up?

As I said in the original poll post, I don’t want to speed up if anyone currently reading will be left behind as a result.

As for the concept of speeding up… It’s not unreasonable to think that people might get faster as they go along. Whenever you look at later threads of book clubs, people are always exclaiming proudly over how much faster they managed to read the last few weeks.

It’s even evident from this club already, based on how the questions get asked. Near the beginning of this club we were getting questions spread right across the week, and people were clearly tackling a page or two per day. This week we had 10 pages and we haven’t had a question since Wednesday… three days in.

I think it’s good to encourage people in that way if possible as increasing your speed is important and confidence-boosting, but obviously (a) the speed can’t increase indefinitely and (b) again, it doesn’t work if some people get left behind.

Finally, for people worried about creep in book club speeds… First of all, I was always running this as a spin-off, even if my aim was to cater to beginners.

I’ve mentioned several times that I want to run a Doggy Detectives club after this because it’s proving so much fun and we have a good number of people still reading. I’m not going to start us out on 12 pages a day! And we’re definitely not going to get even faster!

I would always start a new club off right back at the same speed, or even slower if feedback suggested more people would have been able to manage it (but you’re always going to get dropouts from people who either simply aren’t ready to be reading at all, or where life gets in the way - there’s a limit to how much it helps to go slower).

The point of speeding up over the course of a book is for the benefit of people reading that particular book together. Each book on its own will be intended to provide an option for those looking for a beginner book.

This discussion is about this group reading this book. It is not a discussion of how fast we or the ABC are going to read anything in future.

off-topic rant about the Beginners' Club

Why does this complaint about the Beginners club ‘continuously getting harder, hence the birth of the ABC’ continue to get bandied around? It’s just categorically untrue. An easier book club was started at the same time we happened to be reading a book rather than a manga (which was good! it was problematic that there was nothing for those unable to read the book!), but as always after that book we read a few much easier things.

It varies and always has done, because we were catering to literally everyone below the Intermediate Club at the start, and even now we have to help people make that transition. That’s not to say you don’t have to watch out for creep, because you do, but you can’t jump straight from Flying Witch to Kitchen.


Oops, and to answer @Rowena directly, which I completely forgot to do in my epic wall of text…

If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep up, then of course we’ll go for the slower pace :slightly_smiling_face: do you think you’ll be able to keep up if we do go for the slower pace? I vaguely recall that you started before the official date in order to get ahead?


Yes, I believe I will be able to keep up at the slower pace.

Excuses for needing more time

I’m no longer ahead - my very sick, elderly dog was needing a lot of care for the last couple of months, and after she was euthanased last week I have fallen into a mentally/emotionally exhausted heap and have taken ill. It’s also becoming very hot here (37C today) and will likely be a hotter-than-normal summer; without aircon, it becomes more difficult just to think in such heat.

Thanks very much for all you do in moderating this group! :yellow_heart: :bouquet:

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Excellent :blush:


I am so so sorry to hear that, both about your dog and your health. Please take care of yourself :purple_heart: I hope the kitties book can at least bring you some enjoyment at the moment.

Thank you for taking part!


This is my concern. I’ve got the impression that when there’s a weekly schedule, you’re not really supposed to already be discussing the last pages on the first day of the week. But with the current pace, I find myself getting the reading done in one go and then just bottling up my questions and posting them spaced out throughout the week.