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Week 19

Start date: April 2nd, 2022

This week we are reading the first half of the 二月 chapter.
End page (bunko): 98 at the :fleur_de_lis:
End page (tanko): 361
End phrase: 狼面の少女が現れる。

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So, @wiersm, you asked me when I would be 100% (or 0%) certain, and it was this week.

My notes for this week

Back in January (this year!), on 成人の日, I learned that that day used to be on the 15th until 1999, when it switched to the second Monday of January. That confirms the different time theory!

So Subaru is in the past! I guess the class number is high because population was high, and decreasing (I imagined the complete opposite at the time). So then Fuuka is the most in the future? That matches the name of the shopping center of Masamune (I already knew he was in the future due to games). I still think Ureshino knows an old kitajima sensei, so he is in the future as well. That leaves Aki and Leon. Based on no shopping mall (similar to Subaru) I think she is in the past. Leon is really giving us nothing, though.

I wonder if that’s mathematically enough info (knowing which day is a monday plus rough year estimate) to find out in which year some of them are living?

This week spoiler

Damn looks like Naphthalene’s theory is getting more and more true. I doubt the “world will disappear” theory though. I now see how the castle being between world could work as a gathering spot who outwordly people. Hard to spot reading again but I’ll stay with the group. I really wanna know what the interaction with おおかみさま will be.

Talk about weird info that is useful on a specific occasions on a perfect timing.
Btw they could just wish to have the castle for themselves or to have ways to meet each other. I know they would lose they memory but they could remake them or maybe find a way to twist the sentences to keep the memories. Like “I wish to keep our present” or smth. Like trying to trick with the wish. Or maybe there is more to the plot twist.

Could be, 'cause he hesitated when Kokoro called her pretty. So now that she is older he was not at the same opinion as Kokoro.

You actually can and there is app to find which day would be a specific date in the future.


The following is based solely on the knowledge I had up to that point.

Thinking back about stuff

I know, right? Or even just writing everything down like mentioned in the discussion last week… Also, wish for infinite wishes or something.

Well, that’s a bit inconvenient, since we would need to know “which year was the 6th a Friday” (I don’t have the book anymore, but I think that’s how it was for こころ). The only hint we have is that the PS 2 is already out (since she has one… technically the name was never mentioned, but if the author is going for realism, it has to be a PS), and the 3rd is probably not out (due to her interaction with マサムメ). Similarly, the 3rd is out but not the 4th for マサムネ (since she was supposed to be amazed by him having one). That kind of stuff.

There are also stuff I realized that I think only rely on the information we have so far, but I put them in next week’s part, so just in case I’ll wait.


Aww, so you’re not buying マサムネ’s パラレルワールド theory, then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, I thought it was a little strange that the whole parallel worlds thing was apparently so hard to understand for the rest of the kids. I would have thought it would be a pretty familiar concept for kids. Oh well…

Maybe, if you can narrow the range down to six or seven years (and you want to go through the trouble) :smile:

Ha ha, I know, we’re really stopping on a cliffhanger this week :grin:

Yeah, I really wonder how that will turn out…


Well, no.

I don’t really want to check, but assuming the game consoles are indeed playstations, the PS 2 came out in March 2000, the PS 3 in November 2006.
So if the PS3 was indeed not out for こころ at the beginning of the story, she is between 2000 and 2007. So that might be possible for her.
If the cycle is 6 or 7 years, it’s going to be rough for the others without more details.


Ureshino also mentions that the プロフェッサーナナガヒサ game got turned into a movie, which suggests that he’s living even farther forward in time than Masamune.

My thoughts as Masamune explained his parallel worlds theory:



Very interesting to read everyone’s thoughts after I finished this section.

One question from me:
On p72 there is reference to ドメジャー級の常識
What is this?


The thing I found fun about this section is that I had just watched an anime a couple months before (so back in August) with a premise very similar to Masamune’s theory. In fact, the word 淘汰 that Masamune references as often appearing in those types of stories did appear in that anime.


I don’t really know either (put a question mark next to it in my notes too), but this is the best I can come up with:
メジャー級 is major league, but could also be interpreted as ‘major level’
is a prefix for emphasis

So maybe ドメジャー級の常識に近い考え方だぞ can be loosely translated as “it’s almost a super-major-level common sense idea”. Kids sometimes use all kinds of words to emphasise what they’re saying and maybe this is one of those cases.

This is all just guess-work, though…


I support that guesswork. In fact, I would not call it a guess at all. :wink:

Edit: Ah, wait, I disagree with the parsing actually.
For me, 常識に近い is a unit. So it’s a super major (almost common sense) idea.
Parentheses are only here to make the unit explicit.