‘Profoundly Weird’ Book Club

While reading きらきらひかる I thought it might fit this club. It’s about the newly married life of, very roughly put, an alcoholic woman with mood swings and a homosexual man with a lover. (This is spoiled on the back of the book… But also within the first chapter. Not a big spoiler.)

The book deals with their conflicts within society but also with themselves.


Will add both of these to the main post tomorrow :grin:


I’m thinking of maybe starting one of the following from tomorrow, not sure which:
家庭用安心坑夫, 嫌いなら呼ぶなよ or むらさきのスカートの女.
Is anyone interested in reading together? Shall I make a thread even if I’m reading alone for now?


I’m 90% sure I own both of those due to buying them as cart padding to take advantage of coupons :speak_no_evil:

I have some absolutely crazy months coming up so I can’t promise I’ll read fast, but I’ll be there if you start one.


I posted a thread for 嫌いなら呼ぶなよ. :slight_smile:

@Phryne I wonder if we could add a poll in the OP so we can check the books we’ve already read? Not strictly necessary of course, I just like ticking boxes :grin:


While I would definitely like to have something like this as well, the problem with Discourse polls is that they cannot be altered without destroying them :sob: Therefore we‘d need to think about a good way to add new books. Maybe add a new poll for every five books that get added to the club? (Or maybe every 10 books? Would that be too long a wait? :thinking:)


That’s a good point :thinking:

Would it work if we had an individual poll for each book?

Something like this:

  • 水たまりで息をする

0 voters

  • コンビニ人間

0 voters

They do take up an unnecessarily large space though… In any case, 10 books would certainly take forever, wouldn’t they?


Yeah, sadly so…

I‘m worried about that as well… In the Akutagawa etc. threads I usually list the new books just as text until somebody reads one of them, but here it’s different as books get added to the club because somebody is reading them :thinking:
The nice thing about single-book polls is that they have the option to remove the vote again, which multi-entry polls don’t have (unless something changed recently). But now that I think about it, even if I didn’t read a given book yet, I want to see who read it without clicking, which would require a second option („I haven’t“) to the polls as well, bloating them even more…
Maybe 3 or 5 books would be a better solution?


I thought all polls allowed you to change your vote?

Another (convoluted) idea would be to make a poll with the maximum options. The poll would be numbers only, and then we’d number the books in the list. So as new books are added, we just vote for their number when we read them. It works, but you can’t tell which book is which at a glance, which isn’t ideal.

Another not ideal solution would be for each of us to have their own check box. Something like:

phryne Nicole omk3

Obviously also unmanageable as more readers are added though :frowning:
Not to mention that it’s easy to check random boxes by mistake.

I suppose the best way is to make a poll for everything we have now, then add polls after 3 or 5 books are added.


Yes, you can change your vote no problem, but one cannot add more items to a poll (well technically you can within 5 minutes of creation, but that doesn’t cut it I guess :sweat_smile:)

I guess this might be a bit confusing to handle, although it would work in theory…

That doesn’t help with adding new books either :rofl: Plus now you are also unable to add new readers to an existing poll :thinking:

Yes, I guess that would be the preferred solution for me as well.


Why not? It’s just a table with check boxes, it can change any time. Too easily, actually. Not a good solution at all, just saying it’s editable at least.

Oh! Now I see that it’s only a table :woman_facepalming:
But yes, I think too that it’s a bit too fidgety…
So polls it is :+1:

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I like the idea of a poll for each book. It seems the least limited by Discourse’s quirks. Maybe we could hide them under a



so it doesn’t take up too much space? They’d only be there if you are actively interested in ticking off a book.


Or a table where you @ yourself if you finished it? A wiki post. That seems less unwieldy.


But me like clicky clicky polls!

It’s a pretty elegant idea though. Could just be an extra column in the existing table :woman_shrugging:t2:


I too desire to click :slightly_frowning_face: but Discourse polls can be so finicky


Do polls work under a details tag? Let’s try.

poll [poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]
  • コンビニ人間
[/ [poll ]

Apparently not :frowning:


Well that settles it! Let’s go with @pocketcat’s idea!

@Mods could you make the OP a wiki please?


I believe there’s a limit to how many mentions (@) a post can contain? Maybe we should drop the @ and just write the username?


Jeez, Discourse really is finicky!

I’ll go change it :+1: