Your Latest WaniKani Achievement

Leveled up 2 days ago. Level 19 now.
Took me 15 days to level up but at least i can do most of the vocabulary before leveling up. Thanks to reorder feature in wanikani i just known about last week. Hopefully it will make my leveling up consistant.


Today I managed to finally go through the entire review pile I got after resubscribing. Initially when I resubscribed there were over 1000 reviews waiting for me. I decided to level down 10 levels, which still left me with about 500 to go through. Was quite “fun” meeting some of my worst leeches again and I even had to unburn a few older Kanji. On the other hand I also managed to burn like 100 items, which is nice. At least I remembered some of them. :sweat_smile: Now I can finally get to use Wanikani normally again!


I have achieved not quiting, even though lots of things this week have made squeezing time for myself to do Japanese really hard and I have been also very stuck on my current level.


Coming baaaack for studying! \o/


Finally got my first burns today with more coming throughout this week (including 82 on Friday kinda scared for those lol).


How do you reorder it? I’m trying to clear more vocab before I level up but still maintain a 0/0 streak, so I’ve been mixing a lot of vocab with 1/2 kanji after clearing my radicals.

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Go to wanikani website --> account–> settings–> app --> lesson ordering --> change it to ascending level then shuffled.

maybe I will write one, just because of this. RainbowPls


Oh snap - This is third place I’ve mentioned it now but … 365 DAY REVIEW STREAK ! :nerd_face:


ima catch up to youhyperKanna


FYI, I was wondering if there might be enough interest to do a book club of the 9th volume of the 3月のライオン manga-- I’m pretty sure the anime ends in the middle of that volume, so it would be half familiar, half new. Would you be interested? I’m in a book club now, so it wouldn’t be until the Fall.

Update: I did start a 3月のライオン bookclub, starting from the 1st volume.

Where can you see your steak data?

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I use a script ! do you know about scripts?

If not, Chapter 7 of My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) by the wonderful and talented @jprspereira

If you do know about scripts - then it is on the Wanikani heatmap script by the talented and wonderful @Kumirei (or at least that’s where I have it).


100% on a batch containing every single review stage… and it’s very pyramid-y


No, I know nothing about scripts. Now I have to decide whether to ignore their existence to avoid another obsession.


I just leveled up to 4 after a bit more than a month! I am super excited and loving the journey thus far, trying to take it at my own pace and focus on learning and not being in a rush. :grin:


having a REALLY good day


Awesome, I haven’t tried playing shougi yet! Yes, it’s a great exploration of those themes. I also laughed a little when I learned 負ける and a few other vocab words here in Wanikani.

Since you appreciate the way Sangatsu no Lion tackles depression and trauma, I would highly recommend Fruits Basket (the new 2019 reboot) if you haven’t seen it. It’s actually a pretty complex character study (tiny bit of fantasy) about the effects of emotional trauma (despite the fact that it is wrapped in a shoujo package). And it also depicts how important and life-changing hope and kindness can be. It has been my favorite manga (and now anime with the reboot telling the complete story) for over 15 years. :grin:

I’d definitely be interested! The timeframe isn’t an issue for me as I’m currently reading the first volume of Fruits Basket with the Beginner Book Club and I’m totally slacking on that! It is harder for me to find quiet time to study grammar (so I can actually retain it) than kanji, so it takes me quite a bit longer to read. :woman_facepalming:

That’s awesome! I’m still waiting for the day I manage to get 100% on a big review session like that, I always manage to forget or mess up at least one item

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