Yomichan Anki Link [Wanikani Layout] (Help / Advice Please)

Does anyone know how I can get the yomichan-anki (one click card creator) link to automatically make wanikani looking like cards (specifically like the Wknai layout below)? So like, would it be possible for someone to explain the changes to me, or possibly to send me over a Wknai deck / layout that is already setup for Yomichan? Thanks.

Current Yomichan Anki Card Layout:

Wknai Layout (Made by Hinekedori I believe):

Wknai Download (I Think):

Anyone? :frowning:

I don’t use the Anki creation part of yomichan, so I can’t help too much… But did you follow the instructions on the developer’s site? I think you have to install something (maybe his extension to Anki?) and maybe allow yomichan to use file URLs.

The developer is pretty responsive though, so you can probably contact him directly if you can’t figure it out and if nobody here can help you.

Yeah, I know how to use it in the basic sense, but yeah, I will try asking the guy if I can.

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