Yet another grammar+vocab advice-seeking thread - Genki and BunPro

Bunpro has several decks for Genki I: Grammar only and complete (grammar and vocab). Same set of 2 decks for the 2. edition and the 3. edition of the book. I would suggest looking at them and deciding if you want to control how much grammar you get and when (go with the separate deck) or if you want to get everything in the same package (go with the complete deck).

The other option is to do the Bunpro grammar deck (then you get the grammar points in the order that Bunpro thinks is the best) and the Bunpro vocab deck. If you go through all of Bunpro’s N5 grammar, you’ll cover most of Genki’s grammar. If you go through all of Bunpro’s N5 vocab, you’ll cover most of Genki’s vocab.

I had some previous experience with Japanese, so I went quickly through Bunpro’s N5 grammar, 5 grammar points per day. Now I’m going through Bunpro’s N4 grammar, 1 grammar point per day. You can always start going through one deck, decide it’s not for you, and start another deck.

But most of all, don’t wait too long before you dive into native content! The Bunpro beginner bookclub started the first volume of Yotsuba this week, which is great for beginners. There’s also the Absolute beginners bookclub here on Wanikani. As long as you’re willing to look up grammar and vocab and ask questions when needed, you can start as early as you like!