Written Japanese and Jisho.org

Hi, I’m trying to learn written japanese by following the stroke orders in Jisho.org. I’m noticing that most of the horizontal lines slope slightly up to the right, so that the written symbols are not symmetric. I’m having a really hard time doing this. Is it okay if I keep the horizontal lines straight (like computer fonts) rather sloping them? Thank you.

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It depends what your goal is.
You will certainly be legible, but your characters will look unnatural to natives. Computer fonts are very different from what hand written kanji look like.

No one (Japanese person) I know would mind, though. If you are trying to learn, say, calligraphy, it’s a different story, but in general I’d say don’t worry too much about it.


Okay, thank you. I will continue to try and slope my lines, and hopefully over time it will become easier.

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And don’t worry, it will.

It feels super weird at first but after time you won’t even notice. Eventually you will be able to guess the stroke order of a lot of kanji just by looking at it and recognising patterns.


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