Writing out Kanji

Does anyone ever actually write out Kanji they are learning on Wanikani?

I haven’t so far (nearly finished level 5) but I imagine it would help alot of remembering certain Kanji, especially those that are similar.

I think that writing radicals by hand is top notch to be able to write kanji later. Even if some radicals are strongly distorted. About differentiating similar kanji, I’ll say don’t worry, the difference will be burned inside your memory after failing so many times. I’m speaking with experience …those damn bull***t kanji that looks so alike

Yeah, I use this.

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This looks interesting. How would you use this with vocabulary?

Even when writing individual Kanji, it will help seeing components more clearly, and help differentiating similar Kanji.

For writing Kanji in compound, maybe Skritter. I have found graded Kanji workbook to be in this style as well – fill in the blank in a sentence.

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You could just do something similar to what is shown in the video linked there without the spreadsheet.

I don’t drill them hard, but I’ve been writing out a row of kanji just to get used to writing and help improve my ability to different kanji. Even this little bit of writing has been a big help for help for me and it doesn’t even take much time. I just put on some music and write them out while I want to take it easy with my Japanese studies. Even with fast leveling it’s only around 5-10 kanji per day when spread out.


I’ve started lightly drilling conjugations after WK lessons as well. I just grab a few nice words from the day’s work and go at it. Writing like this has generally been helpful with improving my recall and recognition, but if you have the time I’d suggest using on of the above tools instead.

It may sound strange, but i don’t even write them, just memorize the strokes order and helps a lot to differentiate similar kanjis.

I do sometimes, but not for every thing, and not consistently.

It does. This, and things I was interested in writing anyway and/or during my grammar notes, is when I write kanji.

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