Worth the money?

For a good 30 seconds, I kept wondering who “ug” was and why he/she/it/they was hitting you :thinking:


Y-you’re worth the money!


Hahahahaha, I’ve never had anyone say that to me before or noticed it could be read like that either!

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I have a tendency to read names like yours (without caps or spaces) any wrong way first :3

Can’t skip. I think it’s worth it. I’ll be signing up for Lifetime when my yearly expires.

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Do you know when you’re yearly expires? If you go ahead and move up to lifetime, you’ll get some money back for your unused yearly. Of course, seeing if the sale happens at the end of the year first would probably be best.

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I got a year and there is a coupon for 50% off flying around so I only pay more like $3.50 a month and it is so worth it to me right now. I need something that will get me ready to read Japanese quickly, and this is increasing my retention and keeping me focused. I can’t speak for you, but I would search for wanikani coupons and go for a year.

This is definitely what I need right now. I need something that I can follow, and something that can hold my hand and pull me step through step through learning kanji. I am stuff my brain right now and I thank wanikani for taking for of the wondering out of it, I don’t need to ask where to start.

A coupon for 50% off? Where?! :open_mouth:

When I was buying it I saw a coupon code box… so I did what any sane person would do and google searched “wanikani coupon code”. I feel weird… giving it to you out right. But you should find it easily with a google search. First result is a reddit page with the code in the first post.


@Everyone Thank you all so much! =D You’ve all been super helpful! ^^

after reaching hell, it’s easy to say it’s worth every single penny. get a lifetime subscription if you can afford it, it’s cheaper in the long term. think about it like getting an expensive but amazing textbook plus a learning system that will keep you on track no matter what if you are committed to it. been using wanikani for the last two years and it’s amazing being able to read wikipedia pages and books and manga and to understand dialogues in anime and movies and speak to natives and understand a lot of what they’re saying. just level 37, and there’s a long way ahead, but no regrets :slight_smile:

Shhhh, we don’t talk about coupons other than the end of the year sale. :wink:

Oh no! Am I in trouble…?

Nope. I think you did a good job being vague.

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