Worth the money?

From what I’ve tried, textbooks << nhk easy, graded readers, satori reader << normal news sites <<< light, web, visual novels, ect. Manga and anime tend to vary, but fit somewhere around the middle of that in general, familiarizing myself with N4 grammar was what made the big difference. There’s a whole list of stuff you can take a look at over here.

@Visceral The 1.5 to 2 years was something I remember reading from the WK staff somewhere, but the wording was also something along the lines of “of users who finished” which is a very small proportion of the overall user base. Considering the attrition rates and number of users who seem to have stopped paying (see here) I’m more inclined to accept survivor bias than anecdotes from active users. However, I will concede that I’ve read plenty of posts from users who hit level 60 after more than two years as well.

Overall, I’d say it’s an awkward decision to make based on individual goals and dedication. Considering the dropout rates and sales I’d say the safer bet is to pick up a monthly or annual sub, then snag lifetime at the holidays if you know you’re committed to progressing.