Worksheets by level?

New to wanikani here!

I am really enjoying it, however, I learn by writing. Everything.

Are there worksheets or lists available by level that show the radical and/or kanji that are covered so that the user can practice writing the item, the on’yomi, kun’yomi, and readings?

I would use the heck out of these and they would help me steer my practice and my visual and hand-eye learning.

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Something like @Leebo’s Iverson Method sheets?


Or maybe an Anki WK writing deck? This is the one I use:

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I put a bunch of flashcards up last year:
printable flashcards

Many of them have stroke order diagrams.
This set is all of the kanji in the first 10 levels;
Kanji 1-10 with stroke order
There is actually a stoke order diagram font which can be accessed in many ways. That is what I used here.

1 Like should be able to produce custom worksheets like the ones you want for the kanji.

The readings people just write in books. If you’re specifically looking to improve at kana, there are many kana sheets online.

Thank you. That is close, if they were pre-populated by level, they would be perfect!

IE - when I level up, I would have the option to print out a list (in worksheet form) of the rdicals/kanji for the level.

My strategy lately has been to do lessons with a sheet of paper + pen next to me, and I practice writing them as I go through the lessons. I mostly just scribble randomly, but if you get any notebook or graph paper (or better yet, that Japanese composition paper with all the boxes) you can make your own pretty easily!

I’ve also downloaded the stroke order script, which I highly recommend if you want practice writing kanji correctly.

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I was using graph paper until I couldn’t remember where I left my pad one day. So I made my own by tearing of a lined sheet and putting it under the first sheet on the pad, turned 90 degrees. I can see the faint lines through the paper, and it works well enough I don’t buy graph paper anymore.

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something like this maybe?


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