Words with the same meaning

毎度, 毎回, for example. There are definitely others.

Has anyone grouped these together anywhere?
I ask because I want to look at the context sentences to differentiate between words with the same meaning to try and figure out the nuances, but it’s not very convenient to have to bounce around WK to figure these out because I don’t necessarily remember that there is another vocab with the same meaning.

I know that ‘action’ has around 10 different words for it so far :sweat_smile:

I think I will increase with later levels


毎度 means the same thing as 毎回 but 毎度 is most often used by service staff e.g. in a restaurant(毎度、ありがとうございます!)

Here’s a comparison of them:

As I see it 毎回 is a more universal way to say “every time”. 毎度 can often mean “often”, “always”.

As for the other ones I don’t have a list. I think you’ll learn the meaning nuance through exposure.


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