WKConnections - find ways to connect randomly selected words

Hello again!

I’ve updated hoovard’s ‘Language Connection Fridge Magnet Poetry’ script (/t/Language-Connection-Fridge-Magnet-Poetry-Based-on-a-Koichi-learning-tip/9221/1), added some extra features, and turned it into a website. See that thread about original, here I’ll just list differences.



- minor visual changes (I like bright WK colors!) 

- you can set WaniKani level, and a list of level-appropriate nouns/adjectives/verbs will be downloaded and set as your CSV lists (note: if you change level and download a new set of words, any custom words in that category will be deleted! keep a copy of these words elsewhere or store them in ‘custom’) 

- right-click to conjugate verbs/adjectives/nouns (disclaimer, may not be accurate) 

- Tweet your final product! Handy ‘Tweet’ button when you click [C] to copy 

- each ‘set’ (including first) can be deleted ( is over on left to prevent accidental clickage) 

- groups of words can be dragged between sets 

- creating a new set creates a blank group that you can drag words to 

- ‘get words’ adds words to first set’s first group, or if first set is empty creates a group and then adds words to it 


(click drag groups of words to sort them)

(handy ‘Tweet’ button to share your final product)

(right click to conjugate a word, also see the blank group in the set at the top you can drag into)

My lists of words have been sorted via script, and words are conjugated via script (which I originally wrote for this project /t/WaniConjugation-Practice-conjugating-verbs-RFC/10563/1 and adapted to use here). If you notice an error with a word in the wrong list or the conjugations (I expect many errors) please let me know. 


OP here! (Sorry I can’t seem to edit my old posts from years ago.) You’ll notice that old link doesn’t work anymore due to some issues with my original web host & domain provider, but here’s an updated link years later:


Hope someone out there will find this useful!

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