WK should work with script devs and officially implement some of them

A thing I think WaniKani should consider is, a better way to handle typo checking in English.

  • Rather than No Cigar, “did you mean” should probably be followed up with multiple choices, with trick choices (from blocklist or from JMDict, or from unrelated vocabularies) - if you answer so, you are wrong.
    • This should be better for Romaji meanings as well, to check whether you really know.
    • Honestly, this may entails lots of addition to each vocabularies. Vocabulary meanings are better checked by phrase / cloze tests, rather English translations, anyway.
    • There might be options in settings to turn on Experimental Features.
      • Ignore / Double-Check might be a part of Experimental Features.

It might be possible to implement on mobile / third-party apps, even at this current state of API as well.

I don’t exactly how to calculate dissimilarity between words meaningfully.