WK API revision?

I can’t seem to find any revisions outside of this one: 20170710

But when I compare the count of vocabulary items for a certain level from the website to a postman request, they differ in count. So I assume because of the count mismatch, I’m using an old revision. Am I correct in that thinking?

Example: I’m getting 70 via Postman. And 69(nice) from the WK website.


WK website:

btw, the link for revision history is just a link back to the default page. Probably a bug in the documentation link.
The “See the list of revisions and changelogs for more details.” is just looping back to the current view.

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Maybe you need this

I’m using the V2 api, if that’s what you meant, and the endpoint I’m using is not deprecated. Did I miss something that you were trying to communicate?

I don’t think revision is what matters here. As far as I understand it’s just a label for the API so that in the future they can release an incompatible api with a different revision.

Why the count of items may be different is that API returns all items, including the ones removed from the system. But the site only shows currently available items. There is an item label somewhere that will tell you if the item is removed.


Ah I see, I’ll check that out. Thank you!

Yup, that was it. One item was marked as hidden:
“hidden_at”: “2020-01-10T23:45:48.511534Z”,

Thanks for the insight.


I was answering this point from your original post.