Will WaniKani ever add gramar lessons?

Honestly speaking I would gladly buy another llifetime subscription if WaniKani added grammar lessons.


I don’t think there will ever be new features like that added. Also I’m personally glad it doesn’t. It does one thing and it does it’s job for that. Would never use this supplement, if there was even more needless SRS :smiley:


Use bunpro

same wk style, it is great from n5 (you can finish in less than a month) to n3, for n2 and n1 I didnt like it that much (too much nuance) and recommend other media.

But if you want grammar for immersion in manga/anime, up to N3 is enough imo.


Looks nice. Will try it out.

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Im enjoying marumori.io a lot… The lessons are fun to read and arent as boring as texbooks for me

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Just sign up for Renshuu if you want a site that covers everything, actively being worked on, and is cheaper to buy.