Why "yacht" for 八つ?


I have just started with WK, but I’ve found a mnemonic that sounds wrong to me.

For me, the hard part about 八つ and 四つ is remembering which is や and which is よ.

So I was surprised when the mnemonic for やっつ was “yacht.” Isn’t yacht pronounced よcht? In fact, in Japanese it becomes ヨット. Is this mnemonic simply based on the written form of the word? Or is it an issue of American vs. British English? (I’m not a native speaker, so maybe that’s why I’m confused by this.)

In any case, I decided to dump the pre-made mnemonic and just remember that 八→8→ち→っつ、while 四→4→ん→っつ。

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I thought I’d mention it.


It’s not aiming for the Japanese pronunciation, but the English, and even then it is not meant to sound exactly the same, but just to serve as a reminder of the sound.

In most (?) N American pronunciations, the ‘ya’ is somewhere between や and よ.

And the mnemonic is yachts not yacht, so it gets the beginning of the つ in there, too.


Apparently, the british one definitely sounds more like YO than YA

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I’m British and I pronounce it “yot”


Kiwi and we pronounce it yoht too.


Yeah, it’s closer than some other mnemonics are. The creators accommodate British spelling when they can, but if you’re making a pronunciation-based mnemonic, there are just always going to be conflicts, given the number of English dialects.


It looks like you’ve grabbed the IPA for 四日 by accident…

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やつ kind of reminds me of Yatzee, that boardgame from the 80s. Not sure if that just confuses things further though.


Yeah, WK is not terribly consistent with this. I think the worst offender is using “was a” for both わず in 患う and わざ in 災い.

that’s what i use actually but it’s a dice game to me, not a board game? It works in french too because we say yams.


Yeah sorry, it’s a dice game, I guess I just lumped it in with all the other games we call board games. But you’re right.

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well tbf we also have it as a board game for the lil ones

wonder what language uses yamm’s… incidentally, the pic i found is from a shop near us in the UK but our version is french.

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