Why is "Young girl" considered incorrect for 少女?

The problem seems to be that “young girl” is not listed as a meaning only “girl”. Therefore, the word difference is too big for the system to accept it as a typo.

What you can do:

  • You can add “young girl” as a user synonym. So the item will be passed during reviews.
  • Apart from that, you can send an email directly to the Tofugu team and ask them if they can add the term “young girl” as allowed meaning. Or you can tag the mods and ask them here in this thread but email might be faster.

I don’t know when English language would distinguish between “girl / young girl” or “boy / young boy” therefore I can’t tell whether or not there is deeper reasoning behind it. But maybe it is only because another durtle in the past had asked the team to add “young boy” for shounen .

In case people are interested we also have The final 女の子 / 女子 / 少女 / and all words for “girls” thread … as there are a few more coming :slight_smile:

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