Why doesn’t some vocabulary stick?

It is not uncommon to have a number of items that just won’t stick. And as someone who deeply regrets a 2:00am decision to reset, lemme tell you: DON’T. So much time wasted on things you already know.

If it really bothers you to let them just come up again and again, instead try looking up the items in the Wanikani’s search, sing the mnemonics to yourself while swinging around in a cozy chair (or whatever gets your sense memory going), write the English and hiragana and kanji down to imprint it in your brain, put them on post-its and leave them in common places like on your computer screen, on your bathroom mirror, in your purse or wallet, written on the back our your hand - anywhere you will see them regularly during daily life. Or try using the self-study script, put them on Anki cards and run them repeatedly, or use a site like BishBashBosh to practice.

Don’t worry about it to terribly much at this moment though, it’s not terribly uncommon for things to bounce between Apprentice and Guru even for a few months if they just aren’t sticking and you have no context to attach to them.