Why are the levels called Pleasant, Painful, Death, Hell, Paradise and Reality?

I am currently at level 22 and I totally feel “Death” is living up to its name. I am finding progress incredibly slow and the number of reviews overbearing.

But what is it like at higher levels? And why does it go from Hell to Paradise?

Is Paradise another sadistic way of saying even more painful than the scorching pits of hell?

Does anyone know why the levels are called what they are?

Theoretically you’ve gotten used to the pain (or maybe even like the pain) at that point? Or they were bored and needed more names. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, it just kinda sounds vaguely but sort of meaninglessly like a Buddhist progression to me, which I assumed was the point.


Let’s take a philosophical approach to it.

You’re going on a stroll, you come across this thing called Wanikani, it’s pretty pleasant, so you keep at it, it starts to take more and more time of your life away, to the point it becomes painful to do, you are turning into a kanji crunching machine, you fall into said machine and death occurs, the machine is actually a purgatory, and you must walk all the way down to hell for your kanji sins, when you reach it, you’re hella thirsty and hot, AND you’re told that the nearest store went up in flames, but you’re dead, so you need to fill in paper work to be authorized to go to the nearest place where dead people can be, which is paradise, but you need to climb one hell of a mountain to get to it.
You finally reach it, Paradise, but you forgot you can’t actually walk on clouds, so you snap back to reality, with a long fall, finally, you’ve transended time and space, to find out the cake was a lie


I’m assuming that it gets so hard you want to die, but then, just then, you see a light at the end of the tunnel! What is it? It’s Paradise! Paradise is when you are almost done!!! Then Reality. You are not done. There is more! :smile:

we could probably rename them in the honor of the 9 circles of hell if that would better suit your interests?

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