Which subscription is the best one?

I got lifetime, because I liked WK from the start (started about a month after I started Japanese class), the sale came up right around the time I’d finished the trial levels, and I didn’t want to have to see money leave my bank account every month.

But you don’t need an active subscription to use the forums.


Also I know what I’m like. Right now I’m obsessed with wanikani. I feel like I will stick it out and get to level 60. I am determined. But will I be in six months? I have a heap of past interests that I spent a lot of money on just before finding something else :slight_smile: I don’t want Wanikani to be like that and I really hope it won’t be. But I think I’m going to give the monthly $9 a bit longer before I spend several years’worth of monthly subscriptions in one go. That’s the sensible bit of my brain talking…
(Just thought I’d be devil’s advocate as so many respondents are set on the lifetime option!)


Even if you complete it in two year subscriptions it’s a good deal. The yearly is mostly good for 3 plus years.

I used it for a few weeks after lvl 60 and then dropped it. There’s so much stuff you could be doing instead of SRS after you get to a good level of familiarity with kanji.

Of course I forgot many kanji already but those are usually rarely used anyway, so I don’t see a point in forcing them into my head through SRS.


I will probably stay with monthly. I’m a young adult, I don’t have a job (I get most of my money from my parents and my family), so buying lifetime would be a huuuge investment right now. I plan to finish WaniKani quickly (2 years at most), so I prefer to spread the payments over that period

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I’ve plonked down a fair bit into Japanese subs and study materials, probably over 400$ USD at this point. Less than a community college course.

I have the money to invest in myself and this hobby, and it’s making COVID bearable for me. I also have the perspective of spending a heck of a lot more for University classes, and getting a lot less from it.

Ask yourself, do you have the commitment to truly get through this in the time that you set out for yourself?

If you don’t get a Lifetime sub and go for the full retail monthly $9, you are looking at $162 if all you want to do is hit 60 and quit. As sansarret says, you will likely need another 6 months to burn it all, so that is $216.

Pay for 2 years, you are looking at $180.

If you lock in Lifetime right now with the sale, you are looking at $200 and you aren’t time limited.

If you ask nicely, you can usually get the WK support folks to give you a 20% discount on a yearly, so you could also potentially come away with $72 a year, or $144 if they let you do 2 years with the discount.

If you are all about saving money, see if you can get the yearly discount then strap in and don’t allow a day go by where you don’t study.

If you want to save money, possibly, but not be locked in to absolutely being done in 18-24 months, in case you have to stop for some reason, Lifetime is the way to go.

Either way, keep at it and keep learning!

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As someone who repeatedly makes it to around level thirty, then gets too busy for a year and goes back to a level around 10, I recommend lifetime. I did monthly from around 2014-2016, then got a lifetime subscription.

I got the lifetime. Even if I get to Level 60 within a year (which I’m not planning on, I know if I go a little bit slower I will remember better) WaniKani is such a great learning tool, the best I’ve found so far. I started on October 26 of this year and I’m now at Level 8 and I already feel like I’m beginning to be able to read words and see patterns.

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