Where to find explanations

Hi there,

I have only started with WK and have a few questions. I thought I’d fire them off separately.

One question is, is there a place where all the rules are listed. For example, throughout the lessons I get little hints explaining e.g.

  • How to recognise word type (probably a verb, probably an adjective).
  • When on’yomi and when kun’yomi reading is used.
  • How to tell transitive from intransitive verbs.

You can use the search bar!

Also, for future questions, rather than asking them all over, how about in the dedicated newb topic.

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Beat me to it again!

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You know the community rules when they race with each other to help people out.



The short answer is no not really. This site is laser focused on learning the basic info about as many kanji as possible.

As Leebo implied, there is a lot of great info on the forum but you have to do a little looking around for it. If that doesn’t work for you a textbook is probably the best place to find that kind of info.

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