When to start using HelloTalk

Hi guys!

I’m finishing N5 on Bunpro soon (doesn’t mean I mastered each topic but getting there!) and I’m almost on Wanikani level 8. I’m not doing anything else in case you’re wondering.

On the one hand, I feel I lack a lot of basic vocabulary but on the other hand, I feel I should take my learning into the field to reinforce it (e.g. texting with people on HelloTalk). I remember things better when I don’t learn them in a vacuum…

What do you guys recommend? Do I have a base good enough to start using HelloTalk or will get it frustrated soon due to my basic level of Japanese?

When did you throw yourself in the pool?


You’re good to start HelloTalk! If you don’t feel confident, you could wait for other people to message you first after posting moments. :slight_smile:

I probably started practicing output 6 months into my studies, however the sooner you start the better. The truth is that it will feel frustrating no matter how “prepared” you are, because while studying grammar/vocab/kanji will improve your understanding, in my experience it doesn’t translate into output. The only way to get better at output is practice. If you’re able to put into practice everything you learn, starting from an early stage, I think you’ll set yourself up for success. Good luck!

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