What will I be able to do at the end?

Besides Wanikani, I know that it will also be a good idea to study grammar, listen to Japanese, and speak Japanese. I watch anime with English subtitles, and at the moment, I’m reading the fate/stay night visual novel with English translation, so I am listening to Japanese. But still, with only this (plus Bonpro which I’ve started to use for grammar. I’ve heard it’s only good for the beginning though), what will I be able to do when I’m done with WaniKani? I’ve heard that I will be able to do stuff such as read manga, but is there something else?

What would you like to do when you’re done with WaniKani? I think that’s what should steer your learning path. Because, as you already know, WaniKani just adds a tiny (but important!) fraction to your Japanese learning, and with only WK you won’t really be able to do much, I think.
What you could do with Japanese is everything you’d like: read books or manga, hold conversations with native speakers, participate on social media (e.g. Twitter or Instagram), play games, watch videos or listen to podcasts, etc. etc. Basically what you do in your native language as well, I guess. :slight_smile:


You are off to a good start.
My quick tips:
Use another grammar resource with bunpro. Bunpro is like WK without the lessons, so you need to either read the links it provides to learn, or use a textbook/video series to learn grammar, then use Bunpro for reviews.

For the anime you watch, watch in English subs first, then watch the same episodes again with JP subs only. Having the English there will take away most of the learning, but it helps to understand the episode first before using it to study alone.

As for WK itself, it will make your grammar studies and reading much easier. But you still need to do those other activities. I spend 1 year using only WK, went to Japan, and I couldn’t understand anything except for the odd sign.
Also, even for conversation, knowing the kanji can help. Sometimes people will say a word and I can figure out what it means through context and my knowledge of kanji readings (lots of nouns are just 2 kanji smashed together)

Also, I recommend listening as much as possible to train your ear. Whether that is podcasts are something else, any native JP content will help your brain start to decipher the language.

Good luck!


Thanks for telling me a bit about BunPro:) Also, about the English sub and then Japanese sub thing, would you recommend doing that right now, or should I wait until, say, when I’m level 40 and have a lot more knowledge so that the subs will be easier to read?

Thanks for this:) I’d like to be able to read and listen to Japanese at some point, so I’ll take your advice and steer towards that, though I think that’s probably what I was doing in the beginning anywayXD

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This depends on how much time you have, what you are watching, and how motivated you are I think.

To get the most out of watching/listening you want to be able to comprehend about 70-80% of the material. However, most interesting things you will want to watch will take a long time to get to this level. The best thing you can do to learn a language is start using it in real life to do things you like to do, but you need a base level to get the most out of this. If you can get to intermediate level you will get a lot out of watching subs or watching with no subs, but in the meantime do whatever keeps you motivated. If you can find interesting shows that are a bit easier to understand, this will make it a lot easier to immerse yourself. I watch a lot of crayon shin-chan, because most of the dialogue is not too difficult (although he says a lot of words wrong etc.), and shirokuma cafe because they speak really clearly.

Most important I think is just to have fun with it, so if you watch with no subs and it’s not interesting, put the subs back on and try to pick up as much as you can. For example, I watched Naruto a long time ago and remember the basic plot, so now I rewatch with JP subs and read the same chapters in the manga, and it is a lot of fun even if I don’t understand every word. Using materials you really like is really important.

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Sounds great! My advice would be to start reading as soon as you get interested in it. There are a ton of bookclubs here in the forums in case you haven’t discovered them already. Each book or manga is being read by a group, and there is lots of discussions and Q&A usually. You can also read a book later on and still use the old threads, and even ask questions later :wink: The Absolute Beginner Book Club might be right up to your alley right now, and later you can work your way up to the more difficult books:


Thank you for this:) I do have a lot of time on my hands though, so I think I’ll just study on Wanikani and use BunPro for grammar, with some other resource(s) as you said. When I feel comfortable with my knowledge, I think I’ll start to actually use the language and listen to it. Once again, thank you for this:)

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Oh, there are book clubs here :eyes: That’s cool:) I’ll check it out at some point! Thank you for showing me this:)

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There’s also cake at the end. Or so I’m lead to believe.


You will be able to read 鰐蟹.

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The cake is a lie.

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