What to focus in? Reading, writing, listening, speaking

Learning Japanese consumes too much time compared to other languages that I’ve learned. I have barely enough time to commit myself to WaniKani, but still I am willing to go through it all until the end (that is if my end doesn’t happen first. Life’s too short to learn Japanese from what I’ve seen)

My plan is to focus in reading and listening; and when reasonably advanced, moving to speaking and writing.

Should I do this? Do you guys think it will have any future repercussion I am unable to see? Will it backfire ?
Take into account that I am trying to squeeze Japanese thoughout my day

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Keep in mind you’ll be unable to interact with real people if you focus entirely on input.


Speaking helps with all aspects of the language, except maybe writing. You need to listen and know the words, which you probably learn from seeing/reading them, when you speak. So I think you should add speaking as well. That’s only my opinion though.


I think it is worth practicing speaking too. I would first start with listening…like, REALLY listen because Japanese has some words that can sound similar but aren’t etc. I would then read the word or phrase to make sure you really know what’s going on there with pronunciation etc. At least I find this helps me because my listening skills in any language are terrible. Then practice speaking it. Just repeat it a few time to make sure you have it exactly like you hear it. You don’t want bad habits (or lazy habits) to start that you don’t notice. Practicing and repeating speech when you are just learning something will help you remember it and then later down the road you won’t have another whole new skill to add to the language. Plus you will free great when you’re not only able to listen or read something but actually produce something in that language. I guess it wouldn’t matter if you only want to read manga or something though. That’s my thoughts anyways sorry for the novel.


I agree completely. When I go to a Japanese festival or some other Japanese event, I always practice whatever I think I might speak there the night before. Then I feel much more confident when I get to the event and speak to people.

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