What to do when you want to add some inconsistent studying to your routine?

So I’m currently doing full-time Japanese language study in Japan, meaning 3 hours of class every day, and regular homework and regular small tests (plus bigger tests every couple of weeks or so). And I have an arubaito. So my own Japanese self-study, such as WK (because Japanese language school doesn’t have a system for actually learning the kanji except mindless repetition on your own time) have to happen outside that. And generally on any given day I mostly just have time for WK too.

So what do I do when I have more time:

  • I’m slowly working through BunPro, so when I have more time I add grammar points, otherwise I only review daily. My reviews tend to be 5-10 a day max on BP, and it literally only adds 5 mins a day so I do do BP reviews every day along with my WK reviews (and WK lessons).
  • I read NHK Easy news through the Tangoristo app (easy look up of vocab, being most of the way through N4 means the grammar is stuff I mostly know)
  • I read Graded readers (there is a graded readers “book club” too but we don’t read them together, more of tracking and talking a bit from time to time), and with the easiest book clubs here on WK (Absolute Beginners Book Club and Beginners Book Club (well I meant to start reading with it for the current manga, but I haven’t had much extra time recently so no reading))
  • I’ll sometimes watch anime, concentrating on listening (the current one I’m watching have Eng subs that I can’t hide, but otherwise I’d do with Japanese subs or no subs for practice, at this stage I’d only watch anime I know because of my current Japanese level)

So basically when I have more time that is when I study new grammar and that I consume media (I prefer reading over everything else, so reading is what I do). If I was more interested in talking, listening (anime is not that important to me currently), and writing, I would also do those things. Perhaps schedule iTalki talking practice lessons when I knew I have more time. Find ways to practice writing (such as the write a sentence a day forum thread in the Bunpro forums). Etc.