What level should i quit at?

This is going to sound circular, but you get better at reading by reading.

Check the list of books and manga previously read in the Absolute Beginner Book Club and see if any of those, or the next upcoming manga, look interesting to you.

Read through the manga, and use the club discussion threads to look for answers to any questions you have. If you have a question that didn’t come up before, go ahead and post in the appropriate chapter’s thread.

As you read, look up any grammar you don’t know. And utilize the club’s vocabulary sheet to help with quicker vocabulary lookup.

Over time, you’ll start to recognize the most common grammar and vocabulary. When this happens, your ability to read and understand those bits will get faster. Over time, the amount of grammar and vocabulary you are learning increases, and your comprehension and reading speed increase.

But it can take a while to reach a point where you feel like you are “reading”. You need to go through hours and days and weeks and months of feeling like you’re studying and deciphering the material before you ever feel like it’s actually reading.

I recommend really getting into deciphering/reading no later than WaniKani level 10. But the sooner the better.