What level should i quit at?

I have a question i was planning to stop at level 30 because I was told that it wasn’t as useful Just a general question: how much kanji would I still remember? Or anyone who’s stopped at level 30, how much can you remember? ( i am level 8)

At level 56 I still feel I’m learning a lot of useful kanji that help me with reading without looking up much, but I think around 40 you’d learn most of the most used ones. I wouldn’t say you should quit tbh but yeah you can maybe slow down, until then making 30 your first goal sounds like a good idea. I also had small goals until suddenly I’m almost done with Wanikani.


By slowing down, what does that mean, like only doing 10 lessons a day or smt because i always do my lesson in a bunch, like 50?

By slow down I mean focus on doing other stuff instead of focusing on Wanikani. I started doing Anki and learning grammar and other stuff around level 20 or 25 for example. What amount you do is up to you and what you’re doing beside it.


I am already doing bunpro at n4. and i am doing the core 2k6k deck but i have another question: how is your reading? Because when i read, i struggle a lot, (i aim for 1.30H a day)

It’s good enough when it comes to Kanji, but when I stumble upon hiragana vocab and advanced grammar then I struggle a bit. I’m currently about to finish my first book, which is a novelization of the Bleach manga, but I still feel knowing so many Kanji helps immensely compared to when I tried reading months ago.

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For me, i struggle with katakana a lot, but hiragana is fine for me. But when I see kanji, its not instant; it takes a a couple seconds for me to get what it is and the reading. how did you get better at reading?

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I also had issues with Katakana until level 20, and when I noticed that I had those issues I focused on katakana and that was a very important thing.

As for how I got better at reading: I’ve done a lot of sentence SRS on Anki like Tango N5-N4, and I read the Tadoku graded readers, which had some fun stories. Nowadays I just try to read more which is also helpful. Using a tool with instant lookups like Kindle can also be very useful.

Just hit lvl 60 here and all I could say is it is not enough kanji here yet

many more I will still learn in the wild to understand better sentences and increase way way more my vocab.

A long journey for me starts now.


for you is it instant like in English ?

i heard that after 30 the kanji becomes less and less frequent

And yeah finishing Wanikani doesn’t mean you finished Japanese, it just means you have an extremely important foundation to work with for learning the language.

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Nope I’m not expecting that any time soon, maybe in 1 or 2 years if continue reading a lot.

isn’t it just immersion now after knowing and burning the kanji

how slow is it compared to english

This is going to sound circular, but you get better at reading by reading.

Check the list of books and manga previously read in the Absolute Beginner Book Club and see if any of those, or the next upcoming manga, look interesting to you.

Read through the manga, and use the club discussion threads to look for answers to any questions you have. If you have a question that didn’t come up before, go ahead and post in the appropriate chapter’s thread.

As you read, look up any grammar you don’t know. And utilize the club’s vocabulary sheet to help with quicker vocabulary lookup.

Over time, you’ll start to recognize the most common grammar and vocabulary. When this happens, your ability to read and understand those bits will get faster. Over time, the amount of grammar and vocabulary you are learning increases, and your comprehension and reading speed increase.

But it can take a while to reach a point where you feel like you are “reading”. You need to go through hours and days and weeks and months of feeling like you’re studying and deciphering the material before you ever feel like it’s actually reading.

I recommend really getting into deciphering/reading no later than WaniKani level 10. But the sooner the better.


It’s hard to quantify, but I can say that it’s much more tiring because I’m still getting used to reading the language. But I do notice progress. Bleach novelisation for example is not that dense so it’s going faster now, but if I read a dense novel then I can take some time on one page, especially if it’s too dense with Kanji. Yes after Wanikani it’s mostly immersion and some learning on the side, but it will probably take years after finishing WK to be able to read like English. Until then you can read but it’ll take some time.

for me reading a simple passage on simple news takes like 10-15 minutes can sometimes be demotivating.

I think it’s too early for you to read. Focus on the basics, learn katakana, grammar and sentence structures. And forget reading until you finish those basics.

Do you track your hours on Toggle Track or smt?