What just happened to Wanikani? (~1:30am US Pacific)

I was in the middle of a lesson when I suddenly got a 404.

I checked my internet connection and everything was fine.

I tried to refresh Wanikana and I kept getting the 404 error.

I opened a new tab and Wanikani loaded, so I started back into my lessons, but something was different.

Things that I know are different…

  1. There’s a black border around the typing input box (there didn’t used to be)
  2. I can’t just hit the ENTER key to advance to the next tab in the lesson, I have to click the arrow
  3. When I get through five lessons, it takes me straight to the quiz instead of showing me a screen asking if I want to do the quiz.

Also, I could be wrong, but the screen you get in the quiz when you click the eyeball icon (to see other meanings for the word) seems to be layed out differently that it was, because I suddenly had a hard time finding the alternate meanings list.

Very weird…Hopefully these aren’t permanent changes that got pushed to production while I was in the middle of a lesson, because they’re not great changes.


I guess you encountered this:


Yeah…yeah I did.

Too bad. Not fan of any of these changes.


I was just planning to knock out 10 lessons and get a little Project Zomboid in before bed, and now I’m caught up in the drama of this update.


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