What Is This "Core 10K" I Keep Hearing Mentioned?

If you choose the 10K mode, yes.

I wonder, if the original 10k is from iknow, and now iknow has only 6k, where did 4k go?

If I use that Megashare link @hinekidori put up for the anki 10K, is there a tag (is that the right word?) or some other type of field that one can use to filter out the core 2000/Joyo entries, so that I’d only be left with around 8000 characters?

So to sum up, my ultimate goal would be to

  1. suspend all sentences and suspend the 2000 high frequency kanji and only work with the remaining kanji (8000 or so entries, no sentences).
  2. Once I get through all of that I would like to then unsuspend the 2000 Joyo but this work work with ONLY the sentences. I would like to master all 10000 context sentences (or whatever the total amount of sentences are)
  3. Lastly, does the core 10K anki deck go two ways automatically (Kanji to English and English to Kanji) or do I have to manually change something to make it do that?

Your question doesn’t make sense. The Core 10k isn’t teaching you 10,000 different kanji so “filter out the Joyo entries” doesn’t really make any sense. Core 10K is a vocab deck not something to learn individual kanji.


Oh I get it now. My bad. I was wondering how the Kanji count could get so high.


I’m so embarrassed now lol. :man_facepalming:t5:


No need to be. It was just a simple misunderstanding. I’m glad we got your confusion cleared up.

So to alter my original questions now that I understand what the Core 10K is better:

After I finish filtering out the sentences and only do the vocabulary by itself, does Anki allow me to do the reverse down the line and only do sentences. Does each vocabulary word have a sentence, meaning there are 10,000 sentences in total?

Also, what are the differences between the Core 10K deck at Kitsun vs. the Anki version @hinekidori made? Is that already isolated to just vocabulary words? Anyone have a preference re: decks?

Update: So I went over to Kitsun and it seems way more user friendly to filter out the decks there so I will do the deck there.


With Kitsun, you add the deck to your decks, open it, edit deck, layout filtering, and you remove those you don’t want to do :slight_smile:

I’m helping Hine improve it, synonyms and part of speech-wise. There’s a lot to improve there. For example, adding transitivity to verbs. We’ve probably made around 3000 improvements on that deck already, but there’s still a lot to go. Nevertheless, you can be sure that the deck is better than those outside of Kitsun and that it will continue improving with time :v:


I assume in the case of his question, those would be the sentence comprehension and sentence recognition check box options under layout filtering?

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I think it’s like this (my Core 10k is slightly different):

  • Recall is “English => Japanese”
  • Vocab recognition is “vocab => reading/meaning”
  • Vocab comprehension is “vocab (audio) => meaning”

@Tbilzie probably wants to deactivate vocab comprehension as well?

@hinekidori should probably verify this.


Nice, I was wondering what those options meant myself as well so I just left them all checked.

BTW, thanks for all the effort you two have put in to that. It’s pretty awesome.


It’s a workout regiment that me and @jprspereira came up with. Basically it’s a CORE (ab) workout, where you do 10K crunches a day. If you’d like to signup, DM me or @jprspereira for more details! Only $79.99 a week! Discount code CORE10K for 1% off.


so i went piece by piece and you are right, I would need to remove “vocab comprehension” as well. Thanks guys, this has been great.

So my plan is to do Vocab Recognition and Vocab Recall only at first, then go back and do Vocab Comprehension, Sentence Comprehension, and Sentence Recognition.

On a side note, I’ve been navigating Kitsun and it’s great. I will definitely use it for the 10K now that I know it can do the customizations I need. One last thing, do I have to do the layout filtering each time or will it remember it?

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It remembers, for that specific deck :slight_smile: Depending on the deck, you might want different layouts/creators might make different layouts available :v:

In case you find yourself with more questions, feel free to ask questions about Kitsun in Kitsun’s thread :grin:

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Any plans for an offline app? I take the train a lot and there’s often not a signal there.


I’m currently creating native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Offline functionality is something I’d love to implement once they are working properly. So far it is looking like it might be possible tech wise, but no promises yet, as I might hit certain problems on the way.

Thanks for your compliments and taking the time to try out Kitsun! :smile:


It’s the 10,000 posts in the poll thread.


The main difference between the two is the updated design in Kitsun (I’m biased, but I think it’s better :slightly_smiling_face:) And as @jprspereira pointed out the Kitsun version is being supported by the community feedback which is being updated regularly at the moment. However, for the most part the content is the same so it’s just personal preference which a person chooses to use.