What is the significance of this name?

I don’t know how many of you play or follow the ‘Hypnosis Mic’ franchise, but I have been wondering a lot about the Gigolo’s (‘Champagne-Champagne!’) given name – Hifumi. It is written as 一二三, so that’s literally ‘one-two-three’. What is the significance of this name? Why would someone name their child ‘1-2-3’?


It’s not super common, I think, but there are real people named that. There’s a famous judoka who won gold in the 2020 Olympics named 一二三.

As for why… his parents liked the name? Dunno if they have a story. I know a student who they and all their siblings have the 雨 kanji in their names. Names can be like that.

Going off on a tangent on number names:

Roman names like Quintus, Sextus, Septimus, and Octavius are based on ordinal numbers and refered to the order in which the children were born. The list of female names is more extensive; Prima, Secunda, Tertia, Quarta, Quinta, Sexta, Septima, Octavia, Nona, and Decima. Apparently it was common to give the first four boys some more special names and then just start counting (well, according to an episode of the history of English podcast anyway).

As for naming someone 1-2-3 I’ve no idea, but at least it doesn’t sound as impersonal as being born “number five” ^^;


Japanese names like that are also pretty common.


If you start searching for them the list is quite endless.


I once watched a documentary about a (contemporary) Japanese family who named their child セブン. Guess how many older siblings that boy had :joy_cat:


Tora-san in Goto, no? The kid’s name is 世文, according to the end credits, but I definitely spent the whole movie wondering if the セブン link was deliberate. The other six kids have much more sensible names.


Yes, that’s the one :slight_smile: Didn’t they mention it in the video that the name was deliberately chosen? Or maybe I‘m making things up :woman_shrugging:

By the way belated Happy Birthday! :birthday::tada:


As Leebo said, Hifumi is a real name that people give their kids for various reasons. In addition to the Judoka, there’s a very famous shogi player named 加藤一二三. Hifumi Katō - Wikipedia

In Hypmic’s case though, Hifumi’s MC name, Gigolo (ジゴロ)can also be read as 4-5-6.


I never doubted it?

Presumably they meant for it to be a general reply and accidentally made it a direct reply to you.


I’m sorry! I meant it as a general reply. Didn’t mean to clog up your notifications or imply you didn’t know.

I only know things about Hypnosis Mic, I know nothing about how to use Wanikani forums.


Sorry, I was just a bit confused since I thought you’d somehow interpreted me as not believing Leebo:p

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