What is the level in a computer or a phone

I am just wondering about what level of Kanji that you start can read kanji on your desktop, laptop, and any smartphone? Also they are tricky to read them once you’d read know how to read then because of their text/font size right?

Computer and phone terminology is much more katakana-heavy than kanji-heavy. But you can look up all the important words in a single day I bet.

I did this on my phone for a bit and it just becomes rote memorization, not reading. In other words, I remembered which position in the list was which option, etc. It’s not that useful in my opinion, and I just got irritated when something really important meant I needed to find a submenu quickly.


I will be very impressed if you were able to answer this question the way they wanted, because I read it and was like… wut?


My thoughts exactly. To me it reads like “what level do you need to be before you can read kanji on the internet” and it’s like… when you’ve learnt a kanji in WaniKani, you’ve learnt it in Real Life too.


That question didn’t make any sense, which is why I answered the one that I imagined did make sense.

To be fair, I did kinda just gloss over the part where the grammar starts going crazy the first time I looked.

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My interpretation is that he’s afraid that it’s going to take too long to distinguish between kanji on a screen (either due to font size or character spacing).

I don’t think the size of kanji on small screens bothers me so much. If you know them, then you know them.

I think learning the vocab needed to do this is actually worth it, because it’s as close as some people can get to immersion… and depending on the device, it means it’s pretty high traffic for you every day.

I’ve tried switching my phone to Japanese and I just can’t do it. It’s a bother. Sheer memorization. And when I get an error or anything that I can’t read, then I’m reduced to blind guessing.

My Switch is set to Japanese though. The hardware is meant to be friendly for younger ages, so the language used is easy enough for me. Katakana is a breeze, and the kanji is far more simple. Playing things like Stardew Valley in Japanese is a joy- loads of useful vocab.

So I’d recommend that route before switching your phone over.


I am not sure if it is right or not?

If you have problems reading smaller kanji just change default font sizes in the accessibility settings

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