What is the highest you have let your reviews stack up to?

I’m curious to see what the highest someone has gotten for their review pile. I know it can get to ridiculous levels. The highest I let mine slip up to is 250.


I got pretty sick for a while and forgot to turn vacation mode on, and…

…Yyyyyyyeah, I’m REALLY glad I got back on track. Well again and back to zero now!


How long did it take to bring it back down to zero?

I think I was at 500 once before I realized that it’s vacation mode time. Not sure what the exact count was. I’m trying to forget and pretend it will never happen again :slight_smile:

What I like to do when I have such a large pile to go through is: do reviews, then reenable vacation mode. I only stop using vacation mode when I’m back at 0. Otherwise it feels like it will never stop…


Somewhere around ~1500ish :durtle_the_explorer:

(7 month hiatus w/ no vacation mode)


Only three days, amazingly! Even with more reviews piling up as I went! I did them in 50-review chunks whenever I had some spare time and defeated that scary number soundly.


That must have took forever to whittle down to zero. :confounded:

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Somewhere about 320. My backlog is still 229 atm and I won‘t be able to tackle it anytime soon.

Wow. You finished that alot faster than I expected. I’l keep the 50 review chunk thing in mind for the future.

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It felt quite daunting initially, but I put myself in a mindset to just take my time doing as many as I could per day to avoid feeling burnt out. It took me ~10 days to zero out the reviews and lessons and to get back on track ^^


I cleared this backup to hop back on the train to lvl 40


That’s the most I have picture proof of lol


About 2300


whoa. how long did it take you to come back from that?

2000 too. Didn’t bother coming back from it because it ate up all my motivation. Reset and here I am.


I was very afraid of letting reviews stack so I always did them at any time I could, thanks to that it never went up beyond 150.


Around 2000 also

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Probably only around 4-500, but i swore i saw a picture of someone who had 8000+ when they set everything to enlightened. tried searching for it but couldn’t find it…

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That was me :wink:

I’ve been working on it very slowly.



I have 73 tomorrow, which is a lot for me. Been getting a lot of old ones wrong. If it keeps up I’ll cut lessons from 5 to zero for a bit. Looks like it’s gonna drop anyway, unless I get loads wrong.

Aye, I did the same and reached around 850 stacked up.

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