What I hate the most about wanikani

This is not a critique and more of a question directed at the creators:
I personally love this platform, despite its flaws it’s taught me a lot of kanji that I can use to read various manga or just enjoy Japanese with.
My main problem is that I hate how wanikani skips over so many important word combinations and although I do understand that not all the words can be added since that’ll increase the learning part pretty significantly which does not sound enticing to beginners, I still think it’d be a huge help/incentive for advanced learners if some sort of flash card system like (Anki) was implemented where we could add our own words and definitions.
And although there might be an add on that does that exact same thing, a lot people (including me) don’t have the luxury to do reviews on pc and are just doing their cellular devices to do reviews.


I’d guess that most people that take their studying seriously go for another SRS on the side anyway.


I think if I remember correctly, WK’s position on this is that it teaches kanji, not vocab. It’s focus is the meanings and readings of kanji, not necessarily teaching the top vocab that’s written with those kanji.

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tbh, WaniKani isn’t complete regarding Kanji it teaches. There are usually additional major readings, and sometimes meanings.

Then, completeness, and being an important reading or not, are open to interpretation. So, at some point, having another custom SRS would be helpful, even better if it integrates with WaniKani.

Using vocabularies to reinforce Kanji isn’t wrong, but after some point, there is no reason to be limited by previously-known Kanji anymore. Having not too many not-yet-learnt Kanji inside the reinforcing vocabularies might just be bearable.


It would still be super nice if they allowed us to add our own flash cards after like hitting level 60, so first of all it’s not too confusing for beginners and it’ll be an incentive for long term users to stay with the platform.

That would be a fair point except they’re adding in several hundred kana only vocab words soon.


I personally get that, but part of me also asks “why teach weird words instead of going for the most straightforward ones?”. Every kanji on the platform has their associated vocabulary. Sometimes I don’t understand why this vocabulary consists of very particular/weird/useless words and (at times) jokes.

In other words, sometimes I fail to see why they would NOT choose to teach the top vocab instead of the less common vocab.
Still overall pretty happy with the vocabulary taught here, just wish it could be improved. Learning kanji is useless without real words application, after all.

Sure but I think the idea is that at high levels, one should be starting to leave the safe nest of SRS and start reading native material which is a better place to pick up new vocabulary. One is reading something close to one’s heart interests and there is more context thus, one would probably learn/retain the vocabulary better than thru SRS.


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