What happened to Koichi?


Sorry, I’meowt of likes :cat2:


But then again, everyone knew everyone because they were actively engaged on the forums. I joined in 2017 and felt that I knew everyone participating by then. Now since I’m not as active, I don’t know a lot of users.



Being a cat meowself, I can totally confurm this! :cat2:


My cat must be weird then, because she loves belly rubs. Her brother Mr Cat hates them.


*waves *

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I can understand that sentiment Aleithian san :slight_smile:

For a while, I felt a little disappointed when I knew I was not meeting as many people on the forum.

A conversation with @CrabigatrDurtleMunch san has changed my perspective on this…

I love that the community is so large and active that there are totally great people here that I have never even ran into before.

I think those are some of the most beautiful words spoken on this forum and a wonderful perspective to have in forum and life :grin:


I appreciate the kind words. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t take long here being a little inactive to start feeling a tad lost with regards to the community. For now, there are some great new regulars that are as positive as the last few crowds. Now that many of the people I became close with here are gone, I am conscious of the nature of change, and I am wonder if I will ever become close with any more new people here. Somehow, I have gained four real-life friends from this place, which is an embarrassment of riches. I can think of three or four other users who I have been close enough with here that I feel it could have grown into a wider friendship with them.

Friendships take some effort. Some of my real-life-in-person friendships are not so successful in the time of コロナ, so are on hold for a bit. (I don’t like the telephone, I don’t text). I am grateful to have distance friendships during this time, as well as having a home life and work and spouse that are fulfilling.

And also my very own crabigator pin sent by a mysterious Samaritan. :slight_smile:

(A random thought. The last few years here have been like some kind of a crazy positive high-school experience. But years later. Without angst. But with more 漢字. I truly hope that everyone else here finds the same thing. :slight_smile: )


As a newcomer, the forums are a goldmine of information, in both old and new topics. But it’s hard to for me to participate because there’s just so much to read. I’ve already stayed awake too late to read this thread! It’s at least partially me though… I’m not a super social person and I keep myself busy outside of WK/Japanese study.

Maybe I will have more reason to be active on the forums when I start going through Genki 1, or when I start reading more native material?

Anyways, I’m pretty amazed at the handful of you that I see everywhere I look on the forums. Thanks for taking the time to help out other people!


Welcome to the forum Brown san :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the first step to make a post :grin:

All of us face the same conundrum with forums :wink:

We have much more than WK/JP. There is a world within these forums…

Don’t worry about anything. Most of the durtles in the forum are lurkers who one day find courage to make one post, then another and another before they become a regular :slight_smile: (including yours truly)

Feel free to pop in to the POLL thread, GIF thread, WK meme thread, share your achievements in the 0/0 thread, big burns thread etc. Pick one and start making one post per day :slight_smile:

Hope you have fun :raised_hands:


Proof he’s still out there! ^


Wait, so Koichi invented the Holy Crabigator? I thought the Crabigator created the universe!

Who but the Crabigator could have created the circumstances required to create the Crabigator?

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Can the Crabigator create a kanji he cannot read?

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