What does the percentage figure during reviews indicate?

What exactly does the percentage figure in the top right during reviews indicate? For example today I got 81% there but then in the summary page I says 63%. What’s the 81% about?

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When you’re in a session, it’s correct answers / total attempts.
On the summary page, it’s correct items / total items

Where an item needs to have both the meaning and the reading (for kanji and vocab) to be “correct.”

So the in-session percentage will always be higher if you got any wrong.


I see, thanks. So you could have in-session 50% but summary 0% (if there were no radicals)?

Sure, if you got every reading and meaning wrong one time, yeah, I think it’d work out to that.

If you get both wrong then that would be 33% in session. If you get either part of each item wrong, then it would be 50%

reading wrong, meaning wrong, reading right, meaning right… 50% no?

Ah, I guess you’re right. My mistake :ok_hand:t2:

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