What does 五大陸制覇 means?

What does 五大陸制覇 means?
the content is:

「ボロボロ地図広げて 前人未到 大航海へ
行くぜ! ザ・五大陸制覇!」

「ぼろぼろちずひろげて ぜんじんみとう だいこうかいへ
いくぜ! ざ・ごたいりくせいは!」

In my dictionary
五大 means “the five elements” or “five great wisdom kings”
陸 means “land; shore”
制覇 means “conguest; domination; mastery”

So from that what I understand should be:
“Spread out the tattered map and discover something new
Let’s go! The five elemental land conquest”

but somehow the 五大陸制覇 feels like it has a special meaning to it, like a noun or some kind of proverb maybe?

A name maybe?
Sounds like roll credits to me.

I’ve got no clue, but 大陸 means continent if that helps.


Ah so maybe it can mean “conquer the shores of five continents”
makes more sense! thanks


Don’t think it’s a name since it’s part of a lyric of a song about being challengers

Literally I think this means “conquest of the five continents” might be a figure of speech for indicating someone or something that rules the entire world.

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From what I can see by searching, 五大陸制覇 appears to be used for a person who has travelled across 5 continents. I think you’ve got the right idea now.

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Thank you! I get the meaning even if I can’t find a good translation to explain it properly :smiley:

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